The Real Deal: LA’s Best Cannabis at MMD Shops

Ever strolled through the City of Angels, and wondered where you could secure the finest green treats? Well, MMD Shops has got your back! Founded in 2006 and sprouting up in four various locations across sunny Southern California, MMD Shops brings you the best cannabis deals LA has to offer.

A Foursome of Fantastic Bud

Let’s talk about our four outposts of 420 awesomeness. With each shop located in a unique SoCal hotspot, you can cruise down the coast from store to store, sampling the best cannabis this side of the Sierras! From the sunny beaches of Venice to the high rises of Hollywood, MMD Shops has got you covered.

Decades Dedicated to Dankness

We’ve been in this game for over a decade, my friends. No Johnny-come-lately operation, MMD Shops is a purveyor of quality, expertise, and most importantly, deals that keep your wallet just as green as your stash. So, why wait? Traverse LA’s concrete jungle armed with an arsenal of premium cannabis products from the MMD Shops, and level up your SoCal experience. You can thank us later.

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