Sales Revenue of Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Market research to Surge in the Near Future Owing to Rapid Adoption Across Key Industries

Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Market: Overview

Health and hygiene has become very integral part of consumers owing to the importance of cleanliness and maintenance of good health not just for themselves but also for social reasons. From the last decade, specially hand hygiene has gained importance in the consumers mind and due to which manufacturers are understanding that and they come up with the advertisements with such concepts to increase the awareness and improve the usage for such products. Hand hygiene is relevant not just too how consumers practice hand hygiene at home, there is increasing awareness of the transmission of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) with improper hand hygiene practices which is bringing the way consumers see change in the way they view their hands.

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As healthy hands are very important for the consumers, there are lot of players in the market supporting this change among consumers and the products like hand sanitizers have come into the picture in the market. There are lot of innovations in the product which are brought by the manufacturers for the convenience of the consumers as per the usage patterns.

Hand sanitizer spray pen are the innovated product of hand sanitizers and has come into the picture due to the reasons like it is easy to carry by any consumer whether male, female or kids. As I can be easily carried by male in their pockets and females in their handbags or clutches.

Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Market: Market Dynamics

Hand sanitizer spray pen market will show a healthy growth as across the health and hygiene industry due to is convenient packaging which makes consumes to carry it easily. Innovative and new generation hand sanitizer spray pens are designed to dispense a pre-measured quantity of sanitizer in each spray for effective germ kill as compared to the conventional sanitizer bottle where it is often difficult to control the pour. Most of the cosmetic brands are turning to pen-shaped applicators and solid stick formats to offer mess-free on-the-go solutions to help consumers quickly perfect their look. Pen shaped packaging is trending as compared to other formats due to its easy application process and convenient to carry.

Change in the lifestyle of the consumers and shift towards the adoption of convenience product is a driving factor for the growth of usage of hand sanitizer spray pen over products like soaps, regular sanitizers and hand wash.  Consumers are aware of the importance of hand hygiene as well as the effectiveness of hand sanitizer spray pens against germs and bacteria. World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) guidelines on hand hygiene cite that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer spray pen is more effective to prevent the transmission of bacteria as compared to a plain soap and water which is bringing change in consumers perception.

All the regions are experiencing growth in personal health and hygiene market. Consumers in the all the regions are ready to use innovative, pocket friendly and convenient products which is further driving the demand for products like hand sanitizer spray pen in the market.

Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Market: Regional Outlook

The hand sanitizer spray pen market is expected to register a healthy growth across all the geographies during the forecast period due to the importance of hand hygiene in the minds of the consumers. The health and hygiene products are growing across the globe and likely to push market for hand sanitizer spray pen due to its economical prices. The emerging economies are expected to create significant demand for hands sanitizer spray pen as there is lucrative growth in the industry. The Asia Pacific region collectively represents a considerably high market growth for hand sanitizer spray pen, and the hand sanitizer spray pen market is expected to grow at a significantly high growth rate due to the increasing population and adoption of innovative products among youth for the health and hygiene reasons. China and India’s developing market is expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the hand sanitizer spray pen market. North America is a growing market due to high demand of such products and the consumers’ high expenditure on the personal care products which are likely to boost the hand sanitizer spray pen market.

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Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen Market: Key Players

Some of the major players in the hand sanitizer spray pen market are GlaxoSmithKline plc, Purell, Walgreen Company, UCLA Bruins, Soaptronic LLC and Sanell among others.

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