Pump Tubes Market Prevalent Opportunities up to 2028

Tubular packaging containers that are sealed with a pump dispenser are commercialized as pump tubes, globally. Pump tubes prevent the contamination of products, owing to their airless dispensing system that blocks oxygen ingestion and maintains product effectiveness. Pump tubes allow precise dosages with zero wastage. Pump tubes are an economical packaging choice for cosmetic products due to their appropriate product evacuation and hygienic properties. In the global cosmetics packaging market, tubes segment is estimated to accounts for around 20% in market share, and projected to witness impressive growth during the forecast period. The adoption of pump tubes is anticipated to increase by the key companies of luxury cosmetics, owing to its accurate dispensing functionality.

Best Time for Key Players to Develop Pump Tubes Specialized for Cosmetics Products

The global beauty & personal care industry is experiencing rapid growth as compared to earlier times. North American cosmetic brands are anticipated to increase their production capacity due to increased exports of beauty and personal care products to Asia Pacific countries. The increased production of cosmetics and personal care products leads to an increase in the demand for tamper-evident and small dose dispenser packaging products such as pump tubes, dispenser bottles, and droppers.

Growing Concerns for Safe and Hygienic Cosmetics Packaging from Asia Pacific Creates Opportunity for Pump Tubes Market

The sales of cosmetic products in Asia Pacific countries is estimated to witness high growth as compared to other geographies. China, India, Australia, Vietnam, and Malaysia are growing at an impressive growth rate regarding cosmetic products demand, and are expected to witness a rise in the cosmetics market share. Global key players have an opportunity to introduce pump tubes in the Asian market for the packaging of facial creams, skin creams, and baby creams. Asian cosmetic brands are anticipated to adopt pump tubes for the packaging of luxury cosmetics, which can create an opportunity for European and American pump tube market players to expand their businesses into the Asia Pacific region.

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Global Pump Tubes Market: Key Developments

Global key players in the pump tubes market are focusing on the introduction of new designs in pump tubes to improve the efficiency of cosmetic packaging. Developments in pump tubes in collaboration with other similar companies is also trending among manufacturers.

In February 2018, Silgan Dispensing Systems introduced Amplify, a new airless pump tube, in corporation with Neopac, a supplier of tube packaging to the global pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

In 2017, Global Packaging Inc. developed oval pump tubes with airless dispensers to eliminate air sucked back into the tubes after dispensing the product, which commonly takes place in tubes.

Global Pump Tubes Market: Segmentation

Globally, the pump tubes market is segmented on the basis of tube material, cap material, diameter of a cap, tube capacity, and end-user industry.

On the basis of the diameter of a cap, the global pump tubes market has been segmented as:

Below 10 mm, 20 mm – 40 mm & Above 40 mm

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On the basis of tube capacity, the global pump tubes market has been segmented as:

Below 50 ml, 50 ml to 250 ml & Above 250 ml

On the basis of material of caps, the global pump tubes market has been segmented as:

Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) & Others

On the basis of material of tubes, the global pump tubes market has been segmented as: Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), & Others

On the basis of end-user industry, the global pump tubes market has been segmented as:

Cosmetics & Personal Care & Pharmaceuticals

Global Pump Tubes Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global pump tubes market are as follows:

Essel Propack Limited, Albéa S.A., Silgan Holdings Inc., Matsa Group, Hoffmann Neopac AG, Yangzhou Guanyu Plastic Tube Co., Ltd, Quadpack Industries, S.A., Guangzhou Jiangcai Package Co., Ltd, TA Plastics Tube Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd., & Viva Healthcare Packaging (Canada) Ltd.

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