New report: Cylindrical Cans Market opportunities and forecast assessment, 2018 – 2028

Global Cylindrical Cans Market – Overview

In recent years cylindrical cans are one of the most important packaging type. Cylindrical cans are air tight metal cans used for storage of several end use applications like food & beverages, personal care & cosmetics, pesticides, etc. Most popular known cylindrical cans available in the market is aerosol cans which are used for storing liquid items. This type of cylindrical cans have liquefied or compressed gas propellant which would help in spraying aerosol mist for liquid items like deodorants, lubricants, etc. In addition, some of the cylindrical cans contains aerosol propellants like carbon dioxide, butane and propane for better dispensing of the product. Cylindrical cans made up of aluminum is progressively gaining market share because it provides perfect barrier protection against humidity, air, light, germs, etc. Furthermore, corrosion resistance of aluminum cylindrical cans helps in protection the aerosol content from deterioration. Cylindrical cans can be found in different with different structures like 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece depending on the usage of the container.

Global Cylindrical Cans Market – Dynamics

The cylindrical cans market is expected to grow significantly due to increasing trend for portable, lightweight and convenient packaging. Cylindrical cans also provides better recyclability as compared to other liquid packaging solution is expected to drive the market. In addition, cylindrical cans also provides an option of printability as compared to other packaging formats. Furthermore, cylindrical cans manufacturers also provide cans with better appealing look which is being preferred by consumers. Moreover, high cost of cylindrical cans as compared to other liquid packaging products like plastic drums, pouches, etc. are expected to hamper the market during the forecast period.

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Global Cylindrical Cans Market – Segmentation

The global cylindrical cans market is segmented by material type, product type, structure type, capacity, and end use. The pricing for cylindrical cans has being done based on product type segment in US$ million, and the volume is considered in number of units.

On the basis of material type, the global cylindrical cans market is segmented into –

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Tin

On the basis of product type, the global cylindrical cans market is segmented into –

  • Pressurized Cans
    • Straight Wall
    • Necked In
    • Shaped
  • Vacuum Cans
    • Straight Wall
    • Necked In
    • Shaped

On the basis of structure type, the global cylindrical cans market is segmented into –

  • 1 – Piece Cans
  • 2 – Piece Cans
  • 3 – Piece Cans

On the basis of capacity the global cylindrical cans market is segmented into –

  • 30 – 100 ml
  • 100 – 200 ml
  • 200 – 500 ml
  • 500 – 700 ml
  • More than 700 ml

On the basis of end use, the global cylindrical cans market is segmented into –

  • Food
    • Ready to Eat
    • Pet Food
    • Meat, Seafood, & Poultry
    • Others
  • Beverages
    • Alcoholic
    • Non Alcoholic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
    • Deodorants
    • Hairspray Products
    • Shaving Care Products
    • Others (Sun care products, etc.)
  • Chemicals & Pesticides
  • Home Care & Toiletries
  • Others (Paints, Lubricants, etc.)

Cylindrical cans is mainly used in several end use like personal care & cosmetics and home care.

Global Cylindrical Cans Market – Regional Overview

U.S. is expected to dominate the North America cylindrical cans market during the forecast period. In Asia Pacific region, China, India and ASEAN countries are expected to witness substantial growth for cylindrical cans market. Moreover, the Latin America cylindrical cans market is anticipated to witness sluggish growth during the forecast period.

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Global Cylindrical Cans Market – Key Players

A few of the key players in the cylindrical cans market are Crown Holdings, Inc., Ball Corporation, Ardagh Group S.A., Silgan Containers, LLC, Allied Cans Limited, Independent Can Company, DS Containers, Inc., ITW Sexton Can Company, Inc., Pirlo GmbH & Co. KG, Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd., Massilly Holding S.A., Hildering Packaging BV., etc.

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