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Future Market Insights

The rising trend for health consciousness has upped the demand for the nutritional and fortification food ingredients in the industry. The major fortification ingredients are vitamins and essential and non-essential amino acids which help the body in metabolism. Some of the amino acids include alanine, valine, and leucine amongst others. The increased usage of these ingredients in the nutrition industry has led to the rising demand for global alanine market. Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body which is produced inside the plasma. Alanine is involved in generating energy for the body, boosting immunity and aiding the functions of the Central Nervous System and muscles. The production and consumption of alanine are concentrated in the North American and European regions. Moreover, the marketing and labeling on products have brought alanine into more focus amongst the end-use consumers.

Rising protein demand and health food supplements boosts demand for alanine

Apart from the fortification, alanine also has other applications in the food and beverage industry, such as the sweetening agent. Alanine is proven to be 600 times sweeter than glucose. This sweetening property of alanine is applicable in both the food & beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry. When added to organic acids, alanine releases sour flavours. Hence, alanine is also used as flavour enhancer in various sauces, seasonings, and salad dressings. Alanine’s nutritional properties also include restoring muscle fatigue after the work-outs. Hence, it is a high-valued ingredient in the sports industry.

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The rising demand for sports supplements and awareness about health and fitness amongst millennial is also encouraging growth in the alanine market. Key manufacturers across the globe are expanding their production capacity to meet the demand in the alanine market. The market is expected to witness concurrent growth along with the growth of other protein ingredients. According to market segments, the alanine derived from natural sources is expected to witness higher growth over the forecast period due to the rise in the trend for clean-label ingredients. Consumer pull towards naturally and biologically derived ingredients is also encouraging alanine manufacturers to market their products as clean-label.

Moreover, increasing prevalence of obesity and diabetes has hiked demand for natural sweeteners in the confectionery industry is also propelling the growth of the alanine market.

Global Alanine: Market Segmentation

On the basis of source, global alanine market is segmented into

  • Synthetic
  • Natural

On the basis of grade, global alanine market is segmented into

  • Food Grade
  • Pharmaceutical Grade

On the basis of end use, global alanine market is segmented into

  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

On the basis of the sales channel, global alanine market is segmented into

  • B2B/Direct
  • Store-Based Retailing Hypermarkets/Supermarkets Convenience Stores Specialty Stores Others
  • Online Retailing

Global Alanine: Key Players

Some of the key market participants operating in the global alanine market are Huaheng, SINOGEL, Evonik, Ajinomoto, Yabang, Huaibei Yuanye, Evonik Rexim(Nanning), Shiyuan, Kyowa Hakko Huayang, Jiecheng, Ajinomoto(China), WuXi JingHai and others.

Some specialty chemicals manufacturers are also entering into mergers and acquisitions to expand their footprint in the alanine market. Most of the manufacturers are focused on offering all grades of alanine to attain an expanded consumer base.

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Opportunities for Market Participants:

Alanine has been playing an important role in clinical nutrition. With disease-related malnutrition on the rise, the role of alanine in clinical nutrition has become more important than ever. Medical nutritionists are constantly coming up with newer formulations to treat these diseases. These formulations containing alanine are emerging in standard as well as specialized formats. Consumers are becoming more aware of drugs and nutrition content and treatment is not restricted to generic ingredients and medicines. With these specifications on the rise, alanine market is forecasted to grow at a moderately high level.

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