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Whipping topping concentrate is used as a whipping agent to provide aeration to many food systems and create a creamy taste. It is commonly used in cake filling creams, decorating creams, whipped toppings, different dessert creams and ice cream preparation. Whipping topping concentrate is available in both, powder and liquid forms. In recent years, the powder form of whipping topping concentrate has witnessed high growth in the food industry, while the liquid form continues to register high sales. Whipped topping concentrate is used in food service and food processing industries in both organic and inorganic forms.

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The application of a whipped agent varies with the bakery and dessert product range. Apart from decorating creams and cake filling creams, whipped topping concentrate is also utilized in mousses, yogurts, ice creams and frozen desserts. Over the years, whipped topping concentrate has gained high traction in the market as the product provides high creaminess, stiff texture, milky taste, high pH resistance and low aeration. Whipped topping concentrate is considered as a highly economical whipping agent for topping mixes. The increasing consumption of emulsifiers in the food industry has been delivering sustainable demand for advanced ingredients. The growing demand for dairy whipped topping concentrate has also been surging the sales of whipped topping concentrate. The use of vegetable oil to derive emulsifier agents is expected to hike the demand for whipped topping concentrate over the forecast period.

Whipped Topping Concentrate Market: Dynamics: Whipped topping concentrate has witnessed high growth over the last few years, owing to the rising consumption of bakery products. The use of whipped topping concentrate provides stability and longer shelf life for cake, desserts and other products. With evolving consumer preferences in the food and beverage industry, emulsifiers and whipping agents have been steadily witnessing high consumption. In addition, the growing popularity and consumption of ice-creams, desserts and bakery products continues to accentuate some of the highly impactful industry trends. Non-dairy agents have also gained high traction in the food and beverage industry, which is further estimated to deliver high growth for the whipped topping concentrate market.

On the other hand, the excessive use of whipped topping concentrate may lead to health issues. Also, whipped topping concentrate is a fat containing product and thus, its use leads to an increase in the saturated fat content of the final food product. In addition, manufacturers have to maintain the quality of the product and comply with regulations laid out by the AO/WHO Expert Committee and others. Such factors are expected to hinder the whipped topping concentrate market growth to an extent.

Whipped Topping Concentrate Market: Regional Analysis: North America is expected to account for a major share in the whipped topping concentrate market. In the U.S., the baking industry has been significantly impacting the nation’s economic condition since the last few years. According to the American Bakers Organization, as of 2017, the baking industry, in the U.S. accounted for about US$ 311.0 Billion in total economic output, or roughly 2.1% of the country’s GDP. The increasing demand for organic and non-dairy products in the region has also been surging the demand for whipped topping concentrate in the industry. Europe, followed by the Asia Pacific region, is estimated to witness a significant upsurge in the demand for whipped topping concentrate. In recent years, consumers have shifted towards healthy eating wherein products that are gluten-free and organic and non-dairy dessert and bakery products have been witnessing strong demand.
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Whipped Topping Concentrate Market: Market Participants: Examples of some of the key participants in the whipped topping concentrate market recognized across the value chain include:Peak Food LLC,RICH’s Products Corporation,BASF SE,SKM Egg Products,Lasenor,Palsgaard A/S,Fine Organics,Ashland,FBC Industries, Inc.,Gelita, Real Ltd.

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