Water Treatment Polymers Market Challenges, Manufacturing Growth and Consumption 2018-2028

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Water Treatment Polymers Market: Definition and Introduction

Water Treatment Polymers are long-chain polymer compounds used in water & wastewater treatment applications.  Water Treatment Polymers perform the role of coagulants and flocculants and are highly effective water clearing agents. Depending on the type of Water Treatment Polymers that are used and the application desired, the polymer chain may have a negative (anionic) surface charge, positive (cationic) surface charge, or it may be neutral (nonionic) surface charge. Water Treatment Polymers are available for use in powder form, emulsions or in the form of solutions. Dry form water treatment polymers (available as granular powder, beads or flakes) have higher content of active polymers than other forms. However, using Water Treatment Polymers in dry form requires additional equipment and preparation such as mixing, solution aging and batching for effective application. Water Treatment Polymers in the form of aqueous solutions are applicable for treatment process directly, and do not require additional preparation such as solution aging and batching. Water Treatment Polymers are fed into the treatment tanks using metering pump units, which provide reliable dosages at defined intervals. After the Water Treatment Polymers are introduced into the treatment stream, sufficient mixing is required for proper coagulation and flocculation of solids content to occur. This is achieved by external actions such as stirring. Water Treatment Polymers can be used as flocculants or coagulants on their own, or in addition with other conventional water treatment compounds such as lime, alum etc.

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Considering these aspects of the Water Treatment Polymers, the study of the trends and forecasts of the Water Treatment Polymers market becomes an important read.

Water Treatment Polymers Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Product Type, the Water Treatment Polymers market can be segmented as,

  • Organic Water Treatment Polymers
  • Synthetic Water Treatment Polymers

On the basis of Product Form, the Water Treatment Polymers market can be segmented as,

  • Solid Form
  • Emulsions & Dispersions
  • Solution/Solvent Form

On the basis of Technology, the Water Treatment Polymers market can be segmented as,

  • Cationic Water Treatment Polymers
  • Anionic Water Treatment Polymers
  • Non-ionic Water Treatment Polymers

On the basis of Application, the Water Treatment Polymers market can be segmented as,

  • Fresh-water Treatment
  • Waste-water Treatment

On the basis of End User, the Water Treatment Polymers market can be segmented as,

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Municipal
  • Industrial

Water Treatment Polymers Market: Dynamics

Water Treatment Polymers are used in the treatment of fresh water from sources such as rivers, reservoirs and lakes, before their supply for domestic, commercial and industrial use by municipal authorities. Also, Water Treatment Polymers are also used in the treatment of municipal & industrial wastewater before its release to the environment. Water Treatment Polymers are used as flocculation and coagulation agents in the water treatment process cycle. Water Treatment Polymers attract opposite charged solid content in the treatment mixture, coagulate them and further create “flocs” (curd or cluster of solid content). The “flocs” with high density settle down at the bottom of the treatment tank, clearing the water of impurities. If the “flocs” are low density and remain on the surface, they are physically skimmed off the water surface to leave behind purified water. The cleansed water stream is then sent to complete further processes, which may include chlorination or microbial treatment. Water Treatment Polymers are cost effective, efficient in function and a safe solution for application given the number of rules and regulations governing the water and waste-water treatment sector.              

Water Treatment Polymers Market: Regional Outlook

Water Treatment Polymers market is projected to grow significantly in the next five to ten years with strong demand from the water & wastewater treatment sector. Asia Pacific region is projected to be an important market for Water Treatment Polymers, with one of the fastest urbanization rates in the world. The need for water & wastewater treatment infrastructure in fast developing urban clusters is projected to drive market growth of Water Treatment Polymers in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, regions such as Western Europe and North America hold tremendous potential for Water Treatment Polymers market growth, with stringent regulations for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater before release in open environment. China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, U.S., Canada, UK, and Germany are some of the key countries for the Water Treatment Polymers market. 

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Water Treatment Polymers Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the Water Treatment Polymers market include,

  • Suez Water Technologies and Solutions
  • Kuraray Co., Ltd.
  • Solenis
  • Ecolab Inc.
  • Alken-Murray Corporation
  • Chemigate Ltd.
  • Aries Chemical, Inc.
  • Tramfloc, Inc
  • Chemco Products Inc.
  • ENGI
  • SNF Group


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