Sugared Egg Yolk Market research to Witness Surge in Demand Owing to Rising End-use Adoption

The fresh egg yolk is mixed with the crystalline sugar and is further blended to form the sugared egg yolk. The sugar is added to the egg yolk as it avoids crystallization, improves shelf-life, aids in retaining moisture, improves flavor, etc. They are later pasteurized to avoid the contamination by harmful micro-organisms such as Salmonella. The egg yolks are sweetened with about 10% sugar, which imparts a sweet flavor, and thus, can be used to prepare various food items. The sugared egg yolk contains proteins, minerals, and vitamins. The sugared egg yolk is available in frozen and liquid form. The sugared egg yolk can be used while preparing doughnut mixes, ice-creams, salad dressings, sauces, cakes, pastries, cookies, and many other food products.

Extended Shelf-life of Sugared Egg Yolk Expected to Increase its Demand in the Bakery and Confectionery Industry

The rise in the bakery and confectionery industry is expected to serve as a driver for the sugared egg yolk market. The sugared egg yolk is used to prepare various bakery products such as pastries, biscuits, muffins, frostings, etc., and is also used in confectionery products such as bars, fillings, fondants, etc. The sugared egg yolk is used to improve the texture and flavor of the products. Therefore, the increase in the bakery and confectionery industry is estimated to drive the sugared egg yolk market.

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The major problem faced by the manufacturers of the processed foods and bakery industry is to provide and maintain the quality of the finished product. The degradation of a single food ingredient can affect the quality of the entire product. The major advantage of using sugared egg yolk is that it has improved shelf-life and can be used to prepare various food products, which enables the manufacturers of food industries to develop a variety of food products without any concern of spoilage. Also, sugared egg yolk provides consistency in quality, is simple to use, and can easily blend with the other ingredients, which could help the manufacturers to produce consistent quality products.

In recent years, innovation has become a key factor to attract consumers. Consumers prefer the use of innovative products that contain healthy ingredients. The key market players are trying to develop a new range of products to match the market trends. Therefore, the use of sugared egg yolk as an ingredient is a suitable option as it provides a creamy texture, produces desirable mouthfeel, imparts color, and has many other properties which would help the manufacturers of the food industry to develop new products.

Global Sugared Egg Yolk Market: Segmentation:

The global Sugared Egg Yolk market is segmented on the basis of form, end-use, and distribution channel-

Sugared Egg Yolk market segmentation on the basis of the form:

  • Frozen
  • Liquid

Sugared Egg Yolk market segmentation on the basis of end-use:

  • Household
  • Foodservice
  • Industrial
  • Bakery
  • Dairy
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Sauces & salad dressings
  • Confectionery
  • Others (e.g. beverages, etc.)

Sugared Egg Yolk market segmentation on the basis of distribution channel:

  • Direct
  • Indirect
  • Hypermarkets/Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Online Retailers
  • Others

Global Sugared Egg Yolk Market: Key Participants

The key market players are Rembrandt Enterprises, Zeagold Foods, SKM Best Eggs, Frutex Australia Pty Ltd., Dalian Hanovo foods Co., Ltd., OVOBEST Eiprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, Ballas Egg Products Corporation, Crystal Lake, LLC., etc., among the others.

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Opportunities for Sugared Egg Yolk Market Participants:

The increasing affluence, busy lifestyle, influence of western culture, etc. are some of the major drivers that have increased the demand for bakery products. The bakery industry is anticipated to grow at a high rate in Asia Pacific regions like China, India, Malaysia, etc. The consumers in the Asia Pacific region have a diversified preference for taste, and thus, have a variety of bakery products. The diversification in the preference gives an opportunity to the manufacturers to develop innovative flavored products using sugared egg yolks. The sugared egg yolk is used to prepare various bakery products, and thus, the growth in the bakery industry is expected to increase the sales of sugared egg yolk in the Asia-Pacific region.

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