Soap Salts Market Industrial Chain Analysis, Production and Trends 2018-2028

Soap Salts Market: Introduction

Salt soap is a type of soap in which special type of salts are added as main ingredient during its formation, such types of soaps are also known as salt bars. And the salts which are added as an additive in the formulation of salt bars are known as soap salts. Soap salts acts as a versatile ingredient in salt soap or salt bars. Soap salts are often confused with the table salt or normal salt which is added in small quantity during the toilet soap formulations. There is wide variety of soap salts which can be added into salt bars and salt soaps. The range of soap salts includes sea salt, Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, Epsom salt and dendritic salt. Soap salts are rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. which are beneficial for the skin. Magnesium in the soap salts helps in getting rid of dry skin by hydrating it and improving the skin texture. Soap salts are of exfoliating nature, they help in the removal of dead skin cells and make the skin young and brings out its glow. Soap salts are good at oil balancing and also detox the skin by removing the impurities. Soap salts are also good at curing skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Combination of soap salts, oils and minerals can reduce the leg inflammation. Apart from it soap salts give a luxurious feel during washing as they form creamy lather.

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Soap Salts Market: Dynamics

In the recent times the cosmetic & personal care industry has witnessed stable growth. However during the forthcoming years the personal care & cosmetic industry is expected to witness significant growth. Growing urban population across the globe is leading to up rise in the consumption of the personal care and cosmetic products. The increase in the spending capacity of the middle class population in developing countries has fueled the sale of cosmetics & personal care products. The younger population is increasingly investing on products that make them look better. Higher importance is being given to grooming and styling these days. . Increasing demand for products with natural ingredients is also leading to innovations in the industry. The demand for these products is only likely to increase further in the coming years. This factor will lead to increased demand for soap salts from personal care industry.  Salt soaps are gaining attractions from big as well as small hotel chains, spas and salons, increasing adoption salt soaps will drive the growth of soap salts market. Less product awareness will act as restraining factor for the salt soaps market.

Soap Salts Market: Segmentation

The global soap salts market can be segmented on the basis of salt type and on the basis of salt grain size.

The global soap salts market is segmented on the basis of salt type:

  • Dead Sea salt
  • Epsom salt
  • Sea salt
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Dendritic salt

The global soap salts market is segmented on the basis of salt grain size:

  • Fine
  • Coarse
  • Crystal
  • Chunk

Soap Salts Market: Regional Outlook

North America and Europe regions are witnessing up surging demand for personal care products comprising of natural ingredients. In the countries such as U.K almost 50% of cosmetic and personal care products consumers are demanding for products containing natural ingredients. Also salt soaps are getting significant attraction in such matured regions, owing to which Europe and North America are estimated to be prominent market for soap salts. Tremendous growth potential exists in emerging economies, such as those in Asia Pacific. Growing demand for personal care products in countries, such as India and China, is being witnessed, owing to which Asia Pacific is estimated to be promising market for soap salts. Predominance of cosmetic & personal care industry in the Middle East region and increasing urban population in developing regions of Africa has up-surged the consumption of personal care & cosmetic products in these regions, owing to which MEA makes a potential market region 

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Soap Salts Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the market participants operating in the global soap salts market are:

Evolution Salt Co., SaltWorks, Ittefaq Trading Co., HimalaSalt.,  Singhal Salt Supplier, RM Salt, Dadakarides Salt SA, Samho Co., Ltd, Koyuncu, Meodity, Cfl- Chemische Fabrik Lehrte Gmbh & Co. Kg and SeaSalt Superstore, LLC among others.

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