Voltage Tester Market Forecast, Organization Sizes, Top Vendors, Industry Research and End User Analysis By 2028

Market Outlook for Voltage tester market:

Voltage tester is an electrical device which is used to test the presence of voltage in the equipment under test. Voltage tester is specific to the type of voltage it is testing, whether it is AC or DC voltage. Multifunctional voltage testers available in the market are able to test AC as well as DC voltage. Voltage tester determines the presence of the electric charge when placed in proximity to the supply of voltage. The presence is determined by the displacement current formed in the device due to the electric flux interference. The voltage tester finds its application in the industrial section which is followed by the household section. Voltage tester is mostly used in monitoring battery voltage, microprocessor reset, brown-out protection, battery back-up etc. The non-contact voltage testers are more popular than the contact voltage tester type due to safety reasons and easy handling.

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Voltage tester market: Industrialization playing important role in the increasing demand for voltage tester

Advancement in the technology has enabled companies to manufacture voltage tester which is portable, pen size voltage tester which are user-friendly, simple to handle which has led to the widespread use in the household segment. Also, some manufacturers are providing voltage testers incorporated with other functions like thermometer functions. These kinds of products are attractive for household segment end users.

Due to the industrial expansion in Latin America, Asia, and Africa electrical equipment and appliances are in high demand. This high demand for electrical equipment is the major factor driving the increased demand for the voltage tester devices. Also, the increased preference of the industries towards regular maintenance and replacement of faulty parts due to awareness and workplace safety is responsible for increased demand for voltage testers.

The increasing population, GDP, per capita income in the developing countries such as India, China, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia etc. is enabling the increase in the sales of new and developed home appliances. With the increased demand for home appliances, demand for the voltage tester is expected to increase. Asia-pacific is the largest market for voltage tester followed by North America and Europe.

Voltage tester market segmentation:

Voltage tester market segmentation on the basis of product type:

  • Contact voltage tester
  • Non-contact voltage tester

Voltage tester market segmentation on the basis of the operation:

  • Handheld
  • Portable
  • Fixed

Voltage tester market segmentation on the basis of the end-user industry:

  • Industrial – B2B
  • House-hold – B2C

Voltage tester market segmentation on the basis of frequency:

  • High-frequency tester High-frequency AC tester High-frequency DC tester
  • Low-frequency tester Low-frequency AC tester Low-frequency DC tester

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Global Voltage tester market: Key players

Toshiba Corporation, Klein Tools Inc., Analog Devices Inc., STMicroelectronics, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, Dawson Tools Inc., Seiko Instruments, Texas Instruments Inc., HD Electric, Sibille Fameca Electric,  Panduit etc. are some of the key players in the global Voltage tester market.

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