Fiber Spinning Equipment Market to Witness a Healthy Y-o-Y Growth during 2028

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Fiber Spinning Equipment Market: Introduction

Textiles and their product forms are omnipresent whether in the form of clothes, in offices or to decorate our homes which is derived from spinning, knitting and weaving processes in manufacturing mills. Spinning is an industrial process where a material, for instance natural source/polymer, is made into a bundle called a fiber. In order to convert the natural source/polymer into a fiber, the natural source/polymer must be taken into a process able fluid state. This can be prepared by dissolving the polymer in an appropriate solvent (spinning solvent) or by melting the polymer. In the event of dissolve spinning, the melt state of fiber-forming material is squeeze out with the help of tiny holes of a spinneret to manufacture continuous filament fiber. There are many types of spinning: dry, wet, dry jet-wet, gel, melt, and electro spinning. Nowadays, spinning involves various methods and different type of machines are used, depending on what kind of yarn is being made.

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In the last decade, the textile industry has showed dynamics growth in terms of trends in the global production of textile products. Developing countries, especially in Asian region, are the major textile exporter while the textile industry (in Serbia) is one of the prominent export sectors of the country’s economy in spite of the serious development issues brought about by the changeover process. Therefore, it will indirectly support the demand for fiber spinning equipment market.

Fiber Spinning Equipment Market: Dynamics

Increasing demand from end use sector (textile industry) coupled with increase in number of textile plant will spur the demand for fiber spinning equipment market. Also, booming apparel industry and frequent changing trend in clothes will likely to support the demand fiber spinning equipment market. According to estimate, more than 65 percent of top growing cities for women’s apparel sales by 2025 are emerging market cities. Altogether these cities will add an additional $95 billion to the global women’s apparel market that in turn will spur the demand for fiber spinning equipment market. However, muted growth of textile sector with slowdown in infusion of new capital and related equipment is likely to affect the growth of fiber spinning equipment.

Fiber Spinning Equipment Market: Trend/ Regional Trend

Over the years, the global fiber consumption continued to grow at fast pace. The fiber volume surpassed over millions of tons after growing at 4% yearly. Hence, it proves the robust condition of the demand side despite persistent economic uncertainties and negative growth in Euro area. By the time, massive investment in fiber intermediaries and spinning equipment spurring the demand for the said market.

Globally, apparel and textile sector is a major sector for almost all the countries. Textile sector has remained at the forefront in generating occupation and adding considerably to manufacturing output and trade for countries. Meanwhile, the output of apparel and textile industry is a basic necessity for sustenance, the future growth trend of industry had always been positive. On the other hand, manufacturing facilities have kept moving all along. Upsurge in manufacturing costs in developed countries, that were the prominent markets also, caused progress of textile sector in South East Asian countries that have a raw material benefit as well. In a little time enough the manufacturing base spread to minor nations, mainly those which got preferential access to major markets of Europe, USA and Japan.

Fiber Spinning Equipment Market: Segmentation

On the basis of type of spinning type, the Fiber Spinning Equipment market can be segmented into:

  • Wet Fiber Spinning Equipment
  • Dry Fiber Spinning Equipment
  • Melt Fiber Spinning Equipment
  • Gel Fiber Spinning Equipment

On the basis of type of type, the Fiber Spinning Equipment market can be segmented into:

  • Manual Fiber Spinning Equipment
  • Electric Fiber Spinning Equipment

Fiber Spinning Equipment Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants/vendors identified in the Fiber Spinning Equipment market across the globe are:

  • The Woolery
  • Hills Inc.
  • Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V.
  • MusashinoKikai Co. Ltd.
  • Halcyoyarn
  • Toyota Industries Corporation
  • C. ILLIES & Co. Handelsgesellschaft mbH
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Marzoli Machines Textile srl 

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