Cryopreservation Freezer Market Evolving Technology, Trends and Industry Analysis 2018 – 2028

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Cryopreservation is a process where cells, organs, organelles, tissues, extracellular matrix or any other biological constructs that are preserved at very low temperature. Cryopreservation freezer is a kind of an equipment used to store cryogenic products. Cryopreservation freezer is mostly used in the conservation of embryos and oocytes with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) cycle, prior to chemotherapy for women diagnosed with breast cancer, in order to preserve their reproductive capacity. The main purpose of cryopreservation is to preserve biological samples. Biological tissues and individual cells may be cryopreserved in an active state of cellular metabolism at a liquid nitrogen temperature. Before the development of freezing media, cells were frozen in their own growth media or high serum media.

Chronologically, the technologies for the cryopreservation of tissues and cells are constantly refining. The best cryopreservation outcomes are obtained through research-based approaches that are adjusted for the specific purpose of cryopreservation. There are six applications of cryopreservation that include preservation of food sciences, biochemistry or molecular biology, cryosurgery, cells or organs, ecology or plant physiology, and medical applications (bone marrow and cells transplantation, transfusion artificial insemination, and in vitro fertilization)

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Cryopreservation Freezer Market: Dynamics

Increasing number of government initiatives for preservation of cells coupled with increasing in number of biological research clinics would spur the demand for cryopreservation freezer market. Moreover, increasing demand from end use sectors such as research laboratories, biotechnical engineering firms would also support the demand for cryopreservation freezer market. However, challenges with cryopreservation include viability, post-thaw cell growth, changes in gene expression, maintenance of pluripotency, and the ability to distinguish post-thaw. Thus, overpowering the challenges of cell freezing, clinicians and researchers will continue to bring valuable treatments to patients.

Cryopreservation Freezer Market: Region Trend

Region wise, the cryopreservation freezer market is segmented on nine regions: Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, Western Europe, India, MEA and SEA.  North America market is said to account for a prominent market share, followed by Europe in 2016. This is owing to the major collaboration and agreement of main manufacturers in the cryopreservation equipment. In 2016, Cryogenic Control made a distribution agreement with Cryo Inc. and Paramount Gas Products. The agreement allows the Cryo Inc. and Paramount Gas Products to distribute the ELLN2 in certain major states of North America.

The similar kind of stem cell research paper are develop to be main among the Asian countries. For instance (in 2013), according to the report jointly prepared by EuroStemCell, Kyoto University’s Institute and Elesevier for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), and discussed in the World Stem Cell Summit-2013, Japan and Singapore have the maximum activity in stem cell research while China is understood to be a major contributor in terms of volume by publishing the stem cell research studies. Additionally, the stem cell research is growing at comparatively faster rate (7.0%) compare to the world average growth in research (2.8%). Furthermore, the stem cells are used to produce the regenerative medicine and stem cell based therapeutics and drugs.

Cryopreservation Freezer Market: Segmentation

On the basis of number of plate, the Cryopreservation Freezer market can be segmented into:

  • Single SBS Plate Model Cryopreservation Freezer
  • Double SBS Plate Model Cryopreservation Freezer

On the basis of freezing methods, the Cryopreservation Freezer market can be segmented into:

  • Control Rate Freezers Cryopreservation Freezer
  • Step Down Freezing Cryopreservation Freezer

On the basis of end-use sector, the Cryopreservation Freezer market can be segmented into:

  • Stem Cells banks Cryopreservation Freezer
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical organization Cryopreservation Freezer
  • Contract Research Organizations Cryopreservation Freezer
  • Stem Cell research Lab Cryopreservation Freezer
  • Research and Academics Institute Cryopreservation Freezer

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Cryopreservation Freezer Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants/vendors identified in the Cryopreservation Freezer market across the globe are:

  • Asymptote Limited
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
  • Linde LLC
  • Planer Plc
  • Custom Biogenic System
  • Cryogenic Control,
  • Cryologic Pty. Ltd.,
  • Haimen United Laboratory Equipment Development Co., Ltd.
  • Merck KGaA
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