Automotive Screenwash Products Market 2018 – 2028 Key Players- Prestone Products Corporation, Ostrem Chemical Co.LTD, Magnum Research Corp, Viva Green Industries.

Automotive screenwash products keep windshields clean to help drivers drive efficiently in any weather conditions. Also, keeping the windscreen clean is a legal requirement in some countries. Automotive screenwash products also offer protection against freezing; they contain freezing agents such as methylated spirits to prevent the fluid from freezing in the reservoir, pump and tubing in colder climates, up to temperatures above -70°C. The type of detergent used in automotive screenwash products may vary, with some formulas being sold as “Bug and Tar Remover”, “Deicer” or “All-Season”.

Some screen wash products are designed to be diluted with water, whereas others are intended to be used full strength. Some are sold in the powder form to be mixed by the user. Distilled water is advised for the dilution of screen wash products as tap water generally contains unwanted minerals that can clog jet systems and can leave deposits on the glass.

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Automotive Screenwash Products Market: Dynamics

The demand for automotive screenwash products is estimated to increase over the forecast period, due to expanding vehicle fleet. The consumption of automotive screenwash products is highly dependent on the automotive fleet across the globe. Thus, the high dependency on personal vehicles for commute is expected to drive the demand for automotive screenwash products. Rising per capita income and improving standard of living are expected to increase the sales of automobiles in developing economies, which is expected to boost the consumption of automotive screenwash products in the long-term scenario. Also, individual preference towards the adoption of high-end screenwash products for better results is also expected to fuel the growth of the automotive screenwash products market. Longer automobile retention and vehicle life have increased the vehicle fleet, which is further anticipated to fuel the growth of the automotive screenwash products market over the forecast period. However, low awareness among general population of related to various types of Screenwash product available in the market can act as a restraining factor to the growth of global automotive Screenwash market.

Automotive Screenwash Products Market: Segmentation

  • Based on the product type, the automotive screenwash products market can be segmented as:
    • All-Season automotive screenwash products
    • Bug Remover automotive screenwash products
    • De-icer automotive screenwash products
    • Water-repellent windshield washer fluid
  • Based on the sales channel, the automotive screenwash products market can be segmented as:
    • Direct sales
    • Indirect sales
  • Based on the end use, the automotive screenwash products market can be segmented as:
    • Auto maintenance shops
    • Personal use

Automotive Screenwash Products Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the automotive screenwash market is segmented into seven regions including Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Japan, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, and North America. Europe, followed by North America, is expected to hold a major share in the global automotive screenwash products market and retain the share throughout the forecast period. Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness significant growth in the next five to six years owing to the increasing vehicle fleet in the region. Europe, North America and Asia Pacific are expected to account for more than half the share of the global automotive screenwash products market. Also, government initiatives towards increasing foreign direct investments in countries such as India and China to boost manufacturing and industrialization and improve the standard of living of the general population will also play an important role towards the growth of the global automotive screenwash products market during the forecast period. The rest of the world is estimated to account for a relatively small share of the automotive screenwash products market during the forecast period.

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Automotive Screenwash Products Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants operating across the value chain of the global automotive screenwash products market are:

  • Gold Eagle
  • CRC Industries Inc.
  • Milazzo Industries Inc.
  • ITW Global Brands
  • Kristall Klar
  • Ostrem Chemical Co.LTD
  • Prestone Products Corporation
  • CAF
  • Reccochem Inc.
  • Magnum Research Corp
  • Michelin
  • Cyclo Industries
  • ACDello
  • Viva Green Industries
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