Sanding Sugar Market : Dynamics, Segments, Size and Demand, 2018 – 2028


Market Outlook for Sanding Sugar Market: Sanding sugar comprises of crystals of sugar which have been processed by glazing their outer surface to give them a sparkly appearance. Sanding sugar is also dyed in edible colours suit preferences in bakery and confectionery decoration application. Apart from their decorative appearance, the specialty of sanding sugar over regular sugar is that it is heat-stable and makes it apt for baking applications. Commercially, sanding sugar is also known as sparkling sugar. Sanding sugar market is coming into particular focus with the growing demand for bakery decorations and inclusions. Technology has further fuelled the growth of the sanding sugar market. For instance, in 2015, the company Corbion Purac created a patented technology for acid coating of confectionery which is achieved through the aid of sanding sugar. This technology allows manufacturers to impart a sugary sour taste to confection.

Decorations and inclusions market adds weight to sanding sugar market growth Sanding sugar market is expected witness growth due to the fascination and willingness of consumers to spend on specialty and decorates for food. Education, training, and qualifications in bakery and food professions are now becoming mainstream. This has also earned professional chefs an elevated platform to exhibit and market their creativity. Advertising and publicity of food shows offers an opportunity for recognition for consumers have also played a major role in propelling the growth of the sanding sugar market. The focus of decorating food has shifted from just pleasing consumers to making decoration a fun experience, which also scores a plus point for the sanding sugar market to grow. Consumers are also seeking for a personalized experience in the food space. Festivals, weddings, and parties are major sectors where consumers have upped their spending capacity on bakery decorations such as sanding sugar. This scenario is clearly reflected through the strategies of sanding sugar manufacturers who are marketing festival themed or birthday themed marketing. In fact, a notable rise in the sales of sanding sugar has been witnessed in these periods of celebrations. However, there are few consumer trends which may decelerate the growth of the sanding sugar market such as the health-conscious consumers are increasingly cutting down sugar due to the risk of obesity and other problems.

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Global Sanding Sugar Market: Segmentation: On the basis of end use, the sanding sugar market is segmented into- Industrial Food & Beverage Processing, Baked Goods, Cakes, Pastries, Sweet Biscuits,Breakfast Cereals, Confectionery, Chocolate , ConfectionerySugar Confectionery, Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts, Snack Bars, Beverages, Bakery & Pastry Shops, Confectionery Shops, Restaurants & Hotels,Household, On the basis of sales channel, the sanding sugar market is segmented  into-Direct Sales/B2B, Indirect Sales/B2C, Intermediate/Bulk Distributors,Brick & Mortar Retailers, Online Retailers, On the basis of packaging, the sanding sugar market is segmented into- Pouches, Jars, Bulk packaging

Global Sanding Sugar Market: Key Developments In 2014, the company Bob’s Red Mill launched a new range of sweeteners which include simple sweeteners, organic coconut sugar and while sanding sugar. Global Sanding Sugar Market: Kay Participants Examples of some of the market participants in the global sanding sugar market identified across the value chain include NY Cake Universal Brands LLC, Over the Top (Topco Associates, LLC), India Tree, DDW The Colour House, CK Products, LLC, Wilton Brands LLC, Ultimate Baker, AllergyTrain Pty Ltd (Hopper HQ), Kerry Inc. and GoBake Limited, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods.

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