Conveyor Belt Materials Market Progresses for Huge Profits During 2028

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Conveyor Belt Materials Market: Introduction

A conveyor belt is essentially an indispensable component of a material handling system, wherever bulk material is required to be transferred from one point to another within a plant or factory. Earlier, the conveyor belts used in the industry were made of steel and other metal parts, but with the advent of lighter and composite materials and evolution of stringent regulatory norms in pharmaceutical, food processing, tire manufacturing and chemical industries, plastic belts have been introduced in industries where there is a chance of contamination or chemical reaction. The modular feature in conveyor belts makes them easier and cost effective in terms of reducing the maintenance, down time and replacement cost as a single part of the conveyor belt can easily be replaced rather than replacing the entire conveyor belt system.

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The increase in global industrial investment has led to continuous growth in the number factories over the past few years. This has fuelled the demand for conveyor systems, which in turn is driving the growth of the conveyor belts materials market. Conveyor belts are integrated components of conveyor systems, and basically used to transport materials from place to others. On the basis of application, different kinds of materials are used for conveyor belts such as aramid, metal and thermoplastic to name a few. The belt consists of one or more materials and typically, has three layers: carcass, top cover, bottom covers. The purpose of the carcass is to provide shape and linear strength and this layer is made of polyester, nylon, steel, aramid and cotton. The covers are usually made of plastic and rubber compounds specified by the use of the belt. Steel conveyors belt are used when high strength class is required.

Conveyor Belt Materials Market: Drivers

Growth in industrial investments, coupled with a rise in the food industry, are expected to fuel the demand for conveyors belt systems, which in turn is anticipated to drive the global conveyor belt materials market. Moreover, increase in the number of malls, airports and factories across the globe is further expected to surge the demand for conveyor belt materials during the forecast period. However, the high cost of these materials may restrain the demand for conveyor belts. Also, new technologies for material handling equipment are replacing the demand for conveyor belt materials.

Conveyor Belt Materials Market: Regional Outlook

From a regional perspective, Asia-Pacific is expected to be a significant revenue generating region in the global conveyor belt materials market. The growing number of malls, rising middle class income and increase in industrial investment in India & China are expected to surge the demand for conveyor belt materials in APAC during the forecast period. In Europe, Germany, Italy and the U.K. are collectively projected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period. The growth of material handling equipment and increase in the number of regional airports in the region are expected to spur the demand for conveyor belt materials in Europe.

Conveyor Belt Materials Market: Segmentation

On the basis of material used, the conveyor belt material market can be segmented into:

  • Thermoplastic
  • Aramid
  • Metal (Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel)
  • Rubber
  • Fabric
  • Leather

On the basis of belt type, the conveyor belt material market can be segmented into:

  • Filter Belts
  • Woven Metal Belts
  • Hinged Belts
  • Plastic Interlocking Belts
  • Others

On the basis of weight, the conveyor belt material market can be segmented into:

  • Light Duty Conveyor Belt
  • Medium Duty Conveyor Belts
  • Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts

On the basis of end use, the conveyor belt materials market can be segmented into:

  • Automotive
  • Airport
  • Malls
  • Food & Beverages Industries
  • Goods Manufacturing Industries
  • Others

Conveyor Belt Materials Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants/vendors identified in the conveyor belt material market across the globe are:

  • Habasit
  • SRF Limted
  • Somi Conveyor Belting Ltd.
  • Wellwaij Belting
  • Du Pont
  • Shanxi Phoenix Conveyor Belt Co. Ltd.
  • Continental AG
  • Dura Belt Inc.
  • Wire Belt Company of America

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