Chocolate Couverture Market : Global Trends, Analysis and Forecast 2018 – 2028

Chocolate Couverture Market Outlook Chocolate couverture is processed from the cocoa beans which contains an exceptionally high amount of cocoa butter. The specialty of chocolate couverture is attributed to the crystallization characteristics of cocoa butter. Basically, the processing or tempering of chocolate couverture involves a careful selection of crystals of cocoa butter which are inherently in the stable form and preserving them in the chocolate. The preservation of these stable crystals of cocoa butter in chocolate couverture is what imparts it a perfect texture and snap. The high content of cocoa butter also grants it unique taste profile which expresses the intensity of chocolate flavor in its purest form. Chocolate couverture is also called as cooking chocolate due to its various applications as a filling and glazing agent. In addition, due to its stability, chocolate couverture can be melted and re-melted and used in molding of chocolate products.

Purists Trend Remolding Chocolate Couverture Market Lately, a lot of focus is being laid on the provenance of the chocolate products. Hence, chocolate couverture from single-origin such as Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire have gained traction in the chocolate couverture market. Industrial chocolate couverture manufacturers are focusing on strengthening their trade relations with major cocoa producing countries. The demand from the foodservice sector who are increasingly featuring gourmet and pure chocolate based cuisines is also expected to drive the demand for chocolate couverture. Chocolate couverture decorations have become an essential part of the chefs’ aisle to attract consumers. Chocolate and confection manufacturers are increasingly emboldening the purity of dark chocolate as a part of their branding strategy which has led to a rise in demand for chocolate couverture as opposed to traditional chocolates. The rise in personalized and theme-based chocolate confection has also paved a way for the growth of the chocolate couverture market. For instance, there has been an increase in demand for 3D printed chocolates which requires a very highs quality chocolate couverture. On the other hand, consumer pull towards health consciousness has caused many consumers to cut down chocolate confection products which may hinder the growth of the chocolate couverture market. This trend has also led to stagnancy in the overall chocolate market.

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Chocolate Couverture Market Segmentation The chocolate couverture market is segmented into type, nature, and end use and sales channel.On the basis of form, the chocolate couverture market is segmented into-Buttons/discs, Slabs, Blocks, On the basis of type, the chocolate couverture market is segmented into-Dark, Milk, On the basis of nature, the chocolate couverture market is segmented into-Organic, Conventional, On the basis of end use, the chocolate couverture market is segmented into-Industrial/Food and Beverage Processing, Baked Goods, Confectioneries, Chocolate Confectioneries, Sugar Confectioneries, Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts, Beverages, Bakeries and Pastry Shops, Confectionery Shops, Restaurants and Hotels, Household (Retail), On the basis of sales channel, the chocolate couverture market is segmented into-Direct Sales/B2B, Indirect Sales/B2C, Intermediate/Bulk Distributors, Brick & Mortar Retailers, Online Retailers

Chocolate Couverture Market: Regional Analysis Chocolate couverture manufacturers are focusing on expanding their presence in Asia, especially in regions such as ASEAN and India. Asian consumers’ growing focus on premium and high-quality chocolate coupled with their rising disposable income pave way for Asia to become the next powerhouse in the chocolate couverture market. In Eastern Europe, the chocolate couverture consumption is on the rise in regions such as Turkey and Poland. Turkish confectionery products have witnessed a significant growth in the confectionery market. Asia and Eastern Europe have also witnessed a rise in the number of artisanal chocolatiers, leading to an increase in demand for chocolate couverture.

Chocolate Couverture Market: Key Participants Some of the market participants in the chocolate couverture market are:Barry Calbaut AG, The Margaret River Fudge Factory, Struben Couverture Chocolate Factory, Cocoa Processing Company Limited (CPC), Von Geusau, Chocolats Marionnettes, Fardoulis Chocolates, Max Felchlin AG, ICAM, Chocolate Trading Company Ltd

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