Natural Malt Sweeteners Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2018 – 2028 by FMI

Natural Malt Sweeteners Market Outlook – Natural malt sweeteners are manufactured by the process of soaking, sprouting, pulping, cooking and roasting of grains. Chemically, natural malt sweeteners comprise of around 65% maltose, 30% carbohydrate and 3% protein. Natural malt sweeteners can be processed both in syrup and powder. Natural malt sweeteners cover a range of functions such as flavouring agent, binding agent, thickening agent and also impart shine coating and colour attributes to the food products. Natural malt sweeteners have also been known to possess anti-oxidant properties. Sourced from a variety of grains such as barley, brown rice, and oats, natural malt sweeteners have gained considerable traction in the natural sweeteners market.

Demand for Clean-Label and Healthy Ingredients Revives Demand for Natural Malt Sweeteners – Due to the growing incidence of obesity and diabetes, consumer sensitivity towards artificial sweeteners present in prepared and processed food has gone up. Hence, they have become inclined towards the consumption of natural sweeteners like honey, natural malt sweeteners, and sweeteners extracted from natural sources such as stevia. Hence, manufacturers in the sweeteners industry are increasingly focusing on developing alternative sweeteners which opens up market potential for natural malt sweeteners. The major issue faced by the natural malt sweeteners manufacturers is maintaining the stability of natural malt sweeteners and many times end product has reduced shelf life stability. Amongst the end users in the natural malt sweeteners market, the bakery sector is familiar with natural malt sweeteners and has a higher level of penetration. Natural malt sweeteners easily replace the high-fructose syrup from food label to which the consumers are averse to. Honey and malt natural sweeteners have both earned a larger shelf space in the retail segment, but consumer awareness is still low. Some consumers may not agree of the flavour characteristics of natural malt sweeteners, which gives other natural sweeteners an advantage over natural malt sweeteners.

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The trend for old and traditional food is catching up with consumers. Availability of old natural ingredients and recipes is attractive options for today’s consumers, which supports the growth of natural malt sweeteners market.

Natural Malt Sweeteners Segmentation – The natural malt sweeteners market can be segmented on the basis of product type, end use, and sales channel. On the basis of source, the natural malt sweeteners market is segmented into: Barely, Rice, Oat, Others; On the basis of nature, the natural malt sweeteners market is segmented into: Organic, Conventional; On the basis of form, the natural malt sweeteners market is segmented into: Liquid, Powder; On the basis of end use, the natural malt sweeteners market is segmented into: Food Processing – Bakery Goods, Confectionery, Frozen Desserts, Nutrition Bars, Dressings & Spreads, Clinical Nutrition, Infant Nutrition; Beverage Processing : Carbonated Drinks, Energy Drinks, Fruit Drinks & Juice, Powdered Drinks and Mixes, Flavoured Water, Others (RTD Coffee, etc.)

Natural Malt Sweeteners Market: Regional Analysis – The trend and demand for natural food ingredients are high in developed regions such as North America and Europe and hence, the market for natural malt sweeteners is expected to witness high growth in this region. In other developing regions, demand and awareness both are low and is in the introductory stage. In the Asia Pacific, natural malt sweeteners market has expansion and growth opportunities in the clinical nutrition segment due to the compulsion of cutting down on high caloric sweeteners. In developed regions, manufacturers have the opportunity to develop market penetration strategies other than the bakery. Cereal bars, energy bars, sports and nutrition bars are a very lucrative segment to expand into for the natural malt sweeteners market.

Natural Malt Sweeteners Market: Key Participants – Some of the market participants in the natural malt sweeteners market are: Malt Products Corporation, Gulshan Polyols Ltd., Briess Malt & Ingredients, Natural Import Company, Grain Millers, Inc., Barmalt, Archer Daniels Midland Company, LemonConcentrate S.L.

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