Halal Cheese Market : Latest Trends, Demand and Analysis 2017 – 2027

Halal Cheese Market Introduction: In our diverse society, it is a necessity to respect all the religions and cultures. The followers of Islam religion prefer only the halal-certified foods, which follows specific guidelines that are acceptable in the Islamic religion. Halal cheese is made with bacterial culture or microbial enzymes, rather than animal rennet, gelatin, lipase, pepsin, vanilla extract or whey. As alcohol is haram according to Islam, the alcohol-based chemicals are not allowed to be used for cleaning of machinery involved in the manufacturing of halal cheese. Around one-fourth of the global population follows Islam religion, and cheese is one of the most popular food item. The global market for halal cheese is indicated to be large and growing further.

Halal Cheese Market Dynamics: Other than the followers of the ethics of the Islam religion, halal certification gives a mental peace to the consumers who are concerned towards the unethical practices done with the animals for making food. The halal certification of cheese ensures that the manufacturing of the cheese does not incorporate any misbehavior with the animals and the cheese is made from the bacterial cultural. This psychological fact has driven the market for halal cheese. Some of the countries with a significant population of Muslims provides halal certification to all the food products, and cheese is one of the popular food ingredients for fast food, which is growing globally at a high pace due to the adoption of western culture.

Thus, the halal cheese can easily penetrate in the countries concerned with halal certification. On the other hand, the manufacturing of cheese while following the halal guideline poses restraints on the manufacturers. Rest of the population provide a large market for cheese, and a large number of countries do not provide halal certification. These facts have restrained the market for halal cheese.

Halal Cheese Market Segmentation: By types, the halal cheese market can be segmented into Blue, Cheddar, Red Leicester, Mozzarella, Normal Mozzarella, Reduced-fat Mozzarella, Reduced-sodium Mozzarella, Blended, Fruit blends, Savory blends, Others, By form, the halal cheese market can be segmented into, Individually quick frozen cheese (IQF), Ribbon cheese (block), String cheese, Sliced cheese, Chilled cheese, By end-use, the halal cheese market can be segmented into Household, Industrial, Beverage, Food, Fast food, Bakery, Confectionery, Desserts, Others

Halal Cheese Market Regional Outlook: As the halal certification is a matter of concern for Muslims, the halal cheese market size can be estimated by considering the Muslim population in any particular region. The Asia Pacific region is expected to be the largest market for the halal cheese due to more than 60% of the Muslim population residing in the region. ASEAN countries, specifically Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines are the countries with a large population of Muslims, and thus a high demand for halal cheese is expected from the countries in this region. Although the market share of halal cheese in the Asia Pacific is meagre in the complete cheese market of the region, a considerable growth in the halal cheese market is expected. MEA region also accounts for a large population of Muslims, and GCC countries consist of some of the highly developed countries. Thus, a large market demand for halal cheese is expected from the MEA region, while rising at a low growth rate as compared to the Asia Pacific region. North America, Latin America, and Europe account for less than 5% of the global Muslim population, indicating a low market size of halal cheese in these regions.

Halal Cheese Market Key Players: Some of the key players in the halal cheese market are Dairy Produce Packers Ltd, Caledonian Cheese Company, Glanbia Cheese Ltd, Knolton Farmhouse Cheese, Long Clawson Dairy Ltd, Proszkownia Mleka Spó?ka z o.o., Wyke Farms Limited

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