Disposable E-Cigarettes Market research to Witness Increased Incremental Dollar Opportunity During the Forecast Period 2019 – 2029

Disposable E-Cigarettes Market: Overview

E-cigarettes are devices that heat a liquid solution to a high temperature that is enough to produce an aerosol that is inhaled. It creates vapor instead of smoke, making it less toxic. Some of the standard terms used for e-cigarettes are e-cigs, vapes, vape pens, mods, and tanks. E-cigarettes are available in reusable and disposable types. Disposable e-cigarettes are ultra-portable, consisting of discreet vaporizers. They are non-rechargeable and have a built-in battery and a small liquid reservoir. Disposable e-cigarettes are designed to be thrown once, once they run dry.

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The rising awareness among the population for consuming safe, ashless, and smokeless tobacco is boosting the disposable e-cigarettes market growth. Marketing of disposable e-cigarettes as safe and refreshing with a variety of flavors is a significant step to attract a large consumer base, especially the youth and adolescents. There is growing adoption of disposable e-cigarettes with innovative marketing strategies, including social media and magazines. Due to the less toxicity of disposable e-cigarettes, vaping is considered as an effective method to quit smoking, although it is not certified as effective and safe by the FDA.

Disposable E-Cigarettes Market: Market Dynamics

Less toxicity, availability of flavored products, clean indoor air policies, the launch of innovative disposable e-cigarettes are estimated to foster the adoption of disposable e-cigarettes, and fuel the growth of the market. Flavored e-cigarettes include traditional menthol, mint, fruity and cream flavors, offering consumers a variety of disposable e-cigarettes.

As disposable e-cigarettes are compared with conventional cigarettes, it tends to attract much criticism from health authorities; hence, it restrains the growth of the disposable e-cigarettes market. Moreover, the government of several countries has banned the sales and distribution of disposable e-cigarettes, which limits the growth of the market. Standardization of disposable e-cigarettes and certifications from health authorities and associations is anticipated to create opportunities to propel the disposable e-cigarettes market. Sales of disposable e-cigarettes are expected to make their way under stringent rules and regulations.

Manufacturers are estimated to spend a considerable amount on marketing their disposable e-cigarettes products. Also, market players are targeting women to increase their sales by producing brands specifically for women. These brands are marketing towards women by using themes such as empowerment, social desirability, and independence. The promotional strategies also include featuring attractive, slim, and athletic models to exhibit the safe use of disposable e-cigarettes.

Disposable E-Cigarettes Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, the study on disposable e-cigarettes is classified into North America, Europe, Oceania, Latin America, East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The disposable e-cigarettes market share is prominently high in North America, owing to more number of consumers. Nonetheless, East Asia has the presence of major market players for manufacturing disposable e-cigarettes, and several products are available in the market. The rising awareness for less toxic and smoke-free disposable e-cigarettes has propelled the Europe market. A surge in usage of disposable e-cigarettes is forecasted in the regions of Latin America and the Middle East and Africa to exhibit less toxic to no smoking purposes. South Asia is estimated to have a slow and gradual increase in disposable e-cigarettes market due to less availability of products and less awareness among consumers. The certification from health associations and strategic marketing of disposable e-cigarettes by the manufacturers is anticipated to fuel the growth of the market globally.

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Disposable E-Cigarettes Market: Key Players

Some of the major players in the Disposable E-Cigarettes market are Altria Group, Inc., British American Tobacco, International Vapor Group, Imperial Brands, NicQuid, Philip Morris International Inc., Japan Tobacco, International, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen KangerTech Technology Co., Ltd., R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, Alka Lifestyles Pvt Ltd (Ezee), MOJOUS,   and among others. These key market players are estimated to enhance disposable e-cigarettes market growth with a thorough research and strategic marketing.

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