Torque Testers Market Overview 2019 | PCE Instruments, Imada, Extech, Ametek, Sauter, Mecmesin, Shimpo, Mountz, Mark-10, Dillon, Norbar, and Others. & Forecast 2018 to 2028

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A torque tester is a quality control instrument that is used for the checking, measurement, and calibration of torque-controlled tools. Since the past few decades, a mechanical torque wrench used to be considered the most sophisticated instrument for use on the production line for the torque measurements of fasteners.

However, in the recent past, rapid industrialization, advancements in production technology, and rapid growth in the production rate have disrupted the conventional system of torque measurement, which has boosted the scope of research and development in the field of torque testers. The torque testers market has experienced rapid evolution in the devices it offers, i.e., from a wrench to handheld instruments, in the past decade.

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Innovations and developments in torque tester systems with higher speed are boosting the market

The cost-effectiveness of torque testers and the rapid adoption of technology in these instruments are among the key factors driving the global torque testers market. Advanced features, such as transducer technology and the introduction of a self-calibration system for pneumatic as well as electric tools, are some of the significant developments in the torque tester market, which have boosted the global demand for advanced torque testers.

Torque testers have a wide range of applications in torque wrench calibrating, switch or contact closure measurement, and the torqueing of bolts & fasteners, among others. New features, such as programmable set points, advanced indicators, alarm systems, as well as the availability of specialty torque testers, are some of the important factors fueling the growth of the global torque tester market.

Key Dynamics: Torque Tester Market

Torque testers with optical encoder technology in transducer tools, as well as modern pulse tools, are most widely used types of torque testers in the contemporary production lines. The fast and reactionless operation of torque testers with accuracy is the main factor generating the demand for torque testers. The torque output of a single tool can be tested with a static transducer on a joint simulator during the repair and maintenance of a device, and retested on the production line with the help of a rotary transducer.

High market demand poised for specialized torque testers

The comprehensive range of torque testers available in the market includes dial torque wrenches, click torque wrenches, electronic torque wrenches, pulse tools, cordless screwdrivers, air screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, and nut runners. Nowadays, advanced torque testers are equipped with the capability of taking the measurements in clockwise as well as counter-clockwise directions. Furthermore, some torque testers can convert to 8 engineering units, such as kgf•cm, N•m, in•lb, kgf•fm, in•oz, ft•lb, gf•cm, as well as cN•m, as well as operate in all three modes of operation, namely track, 1st peak, and peak. Modern torque testers have been awarded the National Institute of Standards and Technology certificate.

Market Segmentation: Global Torque Tester Market

The global torque tester market can be segmented on the basis of function type, product type, modularity, application, and region.

  • Global Torque Tester Market by Function Type Mechanical Pneumatic Hydraulic Electric
  • Global Torque Tester Market by Product Type Torque Gauges Torque Testers Torque Meter Torque Calibrators Screwdrivers Torque Testers Others
  • Global Torque Tester Market by Modularity Handheld Portable Bench Top
  • Global Torque Tester Market by Application Automobile and Aerospace Industry Machinery Manufacturing Industry Plastic and Polymer Manufacturing Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing Others

Competitive Landscape: Global Torque Tester Market

Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, LLC is a prominent player in the global torque tester market. The competition in the market is tight and key players are competing with each other on the factors such as introduction of new technology in torque measurement, torque simulation, auto calibration, compatibility with all three modes of operations i.e. peak, first peak, and track, also competitors are offering the products with National Institute of Standards and Technology certification or various different regional certifications to remain prominent in the market.

For instance, Yokota, a leading market player, introduced YTT series torque testers which are beneficial to test dynamic torque. It comprises of YETC-200, the fastening torque controller and dynamic toque transducer, which can observer the torque formed by impulsive tools, hand torque wrenches, ratchet wrenches etc. in the course of the fastening work.

Other key players operating in the market are Yokota, Sundoo, Shigan, PCE Instruments, Imada, Extech, Ametek, Sauter, Mecmesin, Shimpo, Mountz, Mark-10, Dillon, Norbar, and Others.

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Regional Outlook: Global Torque Tester market

On the basis of region, the global torque tester market is segmented into North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, the Asia Pacific excluding Japan, as well as Japan. The North America and Europe regions are estimated to witness significant growth in the upcoming years. Cutting-edge technology and continuous innovations in the manufacturing industry are among the significant factors that make the North America region one of the most prominent regions in the global torque tester market.

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