Discover the Urine Analyzers Market gain impetus due to the growing demand over 2028

Urine analyzers are the devices used in the hospitals and clinics to perform automatic testing. Urine analyzers help in the identification of physical, chemical and microscopic properties of the urine. Rise in various applications of urine analyzers such as tests during pregnancy, diagnosis of diseases, diagnosis of urinary tract diseases, diagnosis of kidney disorder, diagnosis of diabetes, and a range of other related conditions are contributing to the growth of urine analyzers market.

As the cases of diabetes and kidney disorder increases tremendously in recent times, the requirement for urine analyzers in the market also increases. Increase in facilities, hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories ultimately boosting the demand for urine analyzers.  In recent times, the use of urine analyzers has increased due to raising awareness about the better health. Another factor that contributes to high market share of urine analyzers is technologically advanced healthcare systems. Various types of urine analyzers available in the market cater to the demand for end users ultimately strengthen the market of urine analyzers.

Easy handling and easy testing process make urine analyzers user-friendly. Accurate and high-precision diagnosis further contributes to the demand for urine analyzers in the market. Manufacturers are focusing on developing urine analyzers with upgraded features. They are also focusing on analyzers which are in compliance with healthcare standards from regulatory organizations which is expected to boost the urine analyzers market significantly.

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Urine Analyzers Market: Drivers and Restraints

Rise in health conscious consumers is supporting the growth of the market

Urine analyzers have replaced manual testing equipments which were used in the past. There are many up-gradations taking place in urine analyzers such as wireless connectivity and wired connectivity option, easy to use, higher productivity such as checking 240 urine samples per hour. This high productivity and time-saving procedure is boosting the demand for urine analyzers in the market. High variety of urine analyzers in a market such as manual urine analyzers, semi-automatic and fully automatic urine analyzers is expected to support the growth of urine analyzers in the market across the globe.

  • For example in the year 2019, SIEMENS HEALTHNEERS (one of the manufacturers of urine analyzers in the market) launched the new Attelica 1500 automated urinalysis system in the market with various up-gradation and new features.
  • These Urine analyzers have various features and benefits such as sample testing range up to 240 samples per hour, digital microscopy imaging with a dual-focusing mechanism to generate clear images and high-quality results

The increasing proportion of health-conscious people across the globe are expected to drive the market of urine analyzers significantly. Changing lifestyle and increasing healthcare expenditure across the world ultimately helps to grow the demand for urine analyzers.

However, there are few challenges which restraints the growth of urine analyzers market such as inadequacy of skilled operators in undeveloped region. Another restraint is the lack of adaptation of up graded urine analyzers in some undeveloped regions.

Urine Analyzers Market: Segmentation

On the basis of type, Urine Analyzers Market segmented into:

  • Semi-Automated Urine analyzers
  • Fully automated Urine Analyzers

On the basis of End Use, Urine Analyzers Market Segmented into:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Research Laboratories

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Urine Analyzers Market: Competition Landscape

Key Players

Urine analyzers manufactures are undergoing constant up gradation in their products which are more accurate, user friendly and reliable. Some of the leading manufactures include Simens Medical solutions USA, Inc, ACON Laboratories, Inc, F.Hoffmann – LaRoche Ltd, Beckman Coulter, Inc, and Sysmex

Urine Analyzers Market: Regional Overview

High adaptation rate of upgraded and advanced healthcare system in the North America region expected to witness notable share for urine analyzers market. In terms of volume and revenue, North America region has witnessed high share followed by Europe. Improving Healthcare facilities in the APEJ region, especially in Countries such as India, China, and North Korea helps to grow the urine analyzers market considerably. On the other hand MEA region expected to register moderate growth over the forecast period.

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