Abbe Refractometers Market Registering a Strong Growth by 2028

Abbe Refractometer is a device which is used to measure refractive index of various samples available in liquid and solid state. Nowadays manufacturers are focusing on Abbe refractometers which are equipped with digital display for the purpose of measurement and these are widely adopted in various industries. As Abbe refractometer deals with refractive index, it provides the benefit of measuring the refractive index at different temperatures, pressure and density. Also, it measures the refractive index of foils and viscous materials. Features such as measurement of dispersion, horizontal loading of a prism and convenient reading angles help to boost the demand of Abbe refractometer. Abbe Refractometer is widely used in sectors such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food sector which drives the growth of abbe refractometer market. Abbe refractometers are widely used for determination of sugar concentration, purity control, testing of food and other testing purpose. 

Digital Abbe Refractometers Gaining Traction 

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Digital Abbe refractometers are widely preferred over analog refractometer owing to various benefits offered by these equipments. Refractometers are available in various formats such as benchtop, manual, digital and other various types. Laboratory professionals commonly prefer abbe refractometers which provide precise results and are easy to read. Also these should be easy to calibrate as owing to lack of skilled professionals, demand for easy to use abbe refractometers is rising. Refractometers have become very common in last few years as these have been rapidly adopted for various industrial activities such as water treatment, food & beverage, paints, lubricants, personal care and others.

Other factors which are boosting the growth of abbe refractometers market is stringent food safety and security concerns which are gaining prominence and are boosting the demand of digital abbe refractometers. Refractometers are used for testing of fat, sugar, allergen, and other parameters which play a vital role in food industry.

Also, academic research institutes across the globe have a huge demand for abbe refractometer owing to constant innovation taking place in various fields.

One of the most common restraints of the market are imprecise results offered by abbe refractometer owing to various factors such as temperature, density and wavelength of light. Reliance of abbe refractometers on temperature result in variations in results hence manufacturers are focusing on upgrading abbe refractometers which are capable of offering results in precise manner and are not affected by variations in temperature.

Abbe Refractometers Market Segmentation 

Segmentation of abbe refractometer on the basis of Product Type:

  • Analog Abbe Refractometer
  • Digital Abbe Refractometer

Segmentation of abbe refractometer on the basis of End Use Industry:

  • Medical
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Academic Research Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Others

Abbe Refractometers Market Key Players

Key Players in Abbe refractometer market are focusing on strategic acquisitions, product launches and innovations to sustain in the market.

  • For example, Thermo Fischer Scientific (one of the leading players in the abbe refractometer market) has been focusing on acquisitions. Also the company has a wide variety of equipments which it offers such as portable, handheld and other forms of refractometers

The main key players in Abbe refractometer market are A. KRUSS OPTRONIS (Germany), Schmidt-haensch, AMETE, ATAGO, METTLER, Thermo fisher scientific, Bellingham + Stanley.

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Abbe Refractometers Market Regional Overview

High expenditure on food industry by US government is boosting the demand for abbe refractometers as these equipments are widely used for testing purpose in food industry.

In APEJ (Asia Pacific Excluding Japan), countries such as China, North Korea, and Malaysia comprises of a good market share in terms of requirement for abbe refractometer. Increasing food and plastic industry in India boosts the market of abbe refractometer. U.K invest considerably in chemical sector and food sector so there is a significant scope for Abbe refractometer market in U.K. region. As governments in MEA region taking some initiative regarding food industry, this is expected to boost the demand of abbe refractometers on the market.

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