High Impact Corrugated Boxes Market to Witness a Healthy Growth during 2019-2029

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High Impact Corrugated Boxes Market – An Overview

High impact corrugated boxes are designed to deliver, promote, display, and protect packaged products. High impact corrugated boxes require inner components to acquire more safety, which includes – cushioning, blocking, and bracing to protect fragile contents. They are a combination of a grooved or rippled piece of the material fitted between two or more pieces of the same material which also involves display printing. Changing preference and need of the consumers for eco-friendly boxes with high strength is expected to drive the demand for high impact corrugated boxes. High impact corrugated boxes helps in storage and transportation of products from industries like food, cosmetic, health care, beverage, etc.

High impact corrugated boxes have a unique shape, sizes, shelf ready solution and are a simple one-color box with a dynamic display. High impact corrugated boxes are rigid and have cushion qualities which make them durable and can bear impact during logistics and transportation. High impact corrugated boxes contains layers of brown kraft paper with grooves and ridges, which increases flexibility and improves strength. High impact corrugated boxes vary in sizes which make them suitable for carrying a wide range of products and protects them from moisture.

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High Impact Corrugated Boxes Market – Dynamics

High impact corrugated boxes are commonly used to carry heavier products such as electronic goods, beverage, food, pharmaceuticals. Printing before corrugation increases color consistency and color quality creating strong and cost-effective design rather than post printing. High impact corrugated boxes are affordable product, which can maintain the quality and structural integrity of the packaged product. High impact corrugated boxes gets easily deformed and are not appropriate for storage and transportation of liquid products. Moreover, the market for high impact corrugated boxes is hampered due to environmental issues from cutting of trees for manufacturing of paper.

High Impact Corrugated Boxes Market – Regional Outlook

Countries such as UK and France in the European region and U.S. in the North America region have the highest online stores, and therefore, the market for high impact corrugated boxes is expected to rise in these countries. The high impact corrugated boxes market in countries such as the U.S., Italy, and the UK is expected to have above average growth during the forecast period. It attributed to the high demand for high impact corrugated boxes incorporated in the packaging of beverages, food, healthcare, and cosmetics.

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High Impact Corrugated Boxes Market – Key Players

  • International Paper
  • D.S. Smith Packaging Limited
  • Oji Holdings Corporation
  • Georgia-Pacific LLC
  • WestRock Company
  • Elson International LLC
  • Aero Box LLC
  • Stamar Packaging Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • Albert Paper Products Co.
  • Associated Sales & Bag Company
  • G.K.P. Printing & Packaging Ltd.
  • Kap Group LLC


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