Corrugated Open-head Drums Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2019-2029

Future Market Insights

Corrugated Open-head Drums Market – An Overview

The need for a secure transportation solution to carry solid and hazardous goods led to the development of corrugated open-head drums. The presence of a triple seam in the corrugated open-head drums gives them extra strength. Corrugated open-head drums can be used for storage and transportation of solid, fluid and viscous goods like chemicals, coatings, paints, and oil, etc. Hazardous as well as non-hazardous products can be packed in corrugated open-head drums because of the presence of high mechanical and chemical strength. They avoid spillage and leakage of goods to be carried and are unaffected by thermal shocks. Corrugated open-head drums provide a reliable solution for bulk material transfer. They can be easily recycled, which reduces the environmental hazard and can give compactness.

Corrugated open-head drums have the ability to empty automatically. Goods may include chemicals, lubricants, combustible, and flammable materials due to their fire-resistant property. Corrugated open-head drums made from fiber and plastic provide excellent performance even in a wide range of temperatures. Printing on the corrugated open-head drums can be installed to provide branding solutions to the companies.

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Corrugated Open-head Drums Market – Dynamics

Corrugated open-head drums being cost-effective and efficient drives the corrugated open-head drums market. Innovation is in progress to provide an improved variety of corrugated open-head drums to meet up the ongoing demand of the consumers’. They have high mechanical strength and can be reused many times. This helps to cut out the expenses to buy drums every time. The reusing also cut down the use of plastic that is needed to make drums. Plastic corrugated open-head drums being lightweight can be used commonly to cut out the extra weight of the container. The steel corrugated open-head drums provide resilience and sanitation which cannot be provided by plastic corrugated open-head drums. The corrugated open-head drums made from the fiber can have high growth over the forecast period as compared to steel corrugated open-head drums as they are more resistant to corrosion. The industries such as chemical, agrochemical, and food and beverage are the major sectors which extensively uses storage and transportation containers which can boost the growth of corrugated open-head drums.

Corrugated Open-head Drums Market – Regional Outlook

Countries like Germany, Sweden, and Belgium in the European region; Japan, China, and Singapore in the Asia Pacific region and U.S. in the North America region have the highest offerings related to logistic services; and therefore, the market for corrugated open-head drums is expected to rise. The corrugated open-head drums market in developed countries such as the U.S., Italy, and the UK is expected to have positive growth during the forecast period. It attributed to the high demand for corrugated open-head drums incorporate in packaging and transportation of various good. The increasing demand for a reliable transportation container that can store and carry toxic and solid goods drives the corrugated open-head drums market in developing economies like India, China, etc.

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Corrugated Open-head Drums Market – Key Players

  • SCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KGaA.
  • Greif, Inc
  • Mauser Group B.V.
  • Fass-Braun GmbH
  • Anglo American Steel L.L.C.
  • Al Fujairah Steel Barrels & Drums (LLC)
  • Pipeline Packaging
  • Rehway Steel Drum Co., Inc.
  • Skolnik Industries, Inc.


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