Suture Tapes Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2019-2029

Future Market Insights

The suture tapes are a form of surgical adhesive tapes, now a days, frequently used for post-surgeries or wound treatment. Suture tapes provide a simple means for skin closure following a cut, gash or surgical incision. Suture Tapes closure have greater advantages over other conventional methods like lower wound infection rates and greater wound tensile strength. Unlike traditional wound closure techniques, for instance, stitching where the technique have been taught to and refined by the skill of the surgeon these suture tapes are simple enough to be applied by the basic individuals. Suture tapes comes in various sizes and inter-locking methods based on the area of application, but the basic ideas remains the same that is to hold the skin edges back together until the gash heals completely.

Suture Tapes Market: Drivers and Restraints

Traditional suture closing techniques are often invasive and it is accompanied with pain even during post-surgical days. Moreover, many a times there are chances of catching infection and irregularity in edge to edge connection. This has increased the demand for suture tapes multiple folds as suture tapes are non-invasive, cost-effective, less time taking and easy to use method for skin healing and wound healing where there is no need for invasive suture methods. These factors are expected to boost the growth market for suture tapes.

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Additionally, young children gives a drive to the usage of suture tapes as they cannot hold still if a needle is pointed at them. The cost of manufacturing of suture tapes is very less. Also, owing to its ease of usability and good end-result in skin closing and healing the suture tapes have become popular among small clinics as well as big surgical centers. The demand for suture tapes is increasing rapidly which provides a major opportunity for the manufacturing companies to fill the supply-demand gap. However, the suture tapes needs to be treated gently and with care. Any high tension work or stress over the treated area could possibly damage the suture tapes resulting in loose contact with the skin. Moreover, the usage of suture tapes are not feasible in suturing deep incisions that would rather require an invasive technique for much stronger repair which may hamper the potential growth of the suture tapes market.

Suture tapes market: Overview

The global market for suture tapes is estimated to experience a significant growth during the forecast period. Suture tapes are generally used when skin needs to be held together, for instance, after medical surgical incisions and this has a tremendous market as millions of surgery are performed in a given year. With a focus on providing the best care to the patients and an increasing demand in non-invasive skin closure methods there are advancements in suture tapes material and application system too. The increase in the necessity of pediatric wound closure, wound and laceration repair, cesarean section and other critical as well as cosmetic surgeries creates a more lucrative opportunity for manufactures present in suture tapes market.

Suture tapes Market: Region-wise Outlook

Geographically, the suture tapes market is segmented into seven regions viz. North America, Latin America, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Africa. Each country is equally important to drive the market for suture tapes, advanced or emerging healthcare settings help in restoring the market and increase the reach to a wider section of patients. Owing to the prominent technological advancements and innovations, North America and Europe’s market is expected to fuel the major growth of the suture tapes market. Also, increasing patient knowledge for cost-effective treatment offered by the leading manufacturers of wound closing tapes, might also push market growth for suture tapes in the region.

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Suture tapes market: Key market participants

Some of the participants in the global suture tapes market identified across the value chain include 3M, Caremax Healthcare, Medline Industries, Inc, CONMED Corporation and others.

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