Irrigation testing kit Market Prevalent Opportunities up to 2029

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Irrigation testing kit is used to determine the quality of water which is used for irrigation of crops. Irrigation testing kit contains as different set of chemical solutions/reagents which can provide valuable data about physical, chemical, and biological parameters of the irrigation water. Also, around million-gallon water is used every day in irrigation land across the globe. Therefore, the quality of irrigation water is essential for sufficient productivity of crops. The Irrigation testing kit helps to improve the quality of water; also these parameters are helpful/crucial to use water with a high mineral and nutrient content which is required for maximum output of crops. Moreover, efficient crop production is directly proportional to the nutrients present in the soil and minerals in irrigation water which makes the quality testing of irrigation water mandatory. Therefore, the end-users of irrigation testing kit are increasing significantly

Irrigation testing kits usually offered by manufacturers include products such as filter paper, reagents, cylinder, carrying case and other important products.

Irrigation testing kit Market: Drivers and Restraints

Increasing demand for organic farming across the globe due to is estimated to boost irrigation testing kit market

The organic farming system has been widely adopted in many regions such as America and Europe; also, it is grooming rapidly in many developing countries. Moreover, millions of farmers have been adopting varied irrigation techniques to increase crop productivity, and quality of soil. Therefore, the demand of irrigation testing kit is increasing significantly. Furthermore, sales of organic food have accelerated over the last decades, and it is estimated to grow in future. These are prominent factors which are boosting the growth of irrigation testing kit market.

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Increasing crop productivity due to varied irrigation techniques are expected to boost irrigation testing kit market

High demand and need for better quality crops has become one of the reasons for the government’s increasing efforts to introduce different types of irrigation techniques. Moreover, stringent rules and regulations related to agricultural activities in regions such as North America and Europe, increasing applications of irrigation techniques is estimated to boost irrigation testing kit market. Moreover, to spread awareness about irrigation techniques such as sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, localized irrigation and sub- irrigation. Also, government is providing subsidies to the farmers and organizations for adopting. These drivers estimated for a growing market of irrigation testing kit.

However, unawareness about the irrigation techniques in some regions is hindering the market of irrigation testing kit. For example, instead of having a vast area of cultivation land, the efficiency of food production in countries such as India and Bangladesh is comparatively less than a country like USA because of less adaptation of irrigation techniques by farmers. Moreover, unavailability of cultivable land in some region restraints growth of irrigation testing kit market. For instance, unavailability of cultivable land in nations such as Singapore, UAE, Kuwait, Brazil, etc. are hindering the market of irrigation testing kit.

Irrigation testing kit Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the prominent players of Irrigation testing kit manufacturers are VWR International, LLC. Plantris Group, Prerana Laboratories, Hach, Octopus Inc. and Palintest.

  • Manufacturer are selling irrigation testing kit with related reagents and devices which helps to determine chemical parameters and minerals, where some manufacturers are selling a combo kit. For instance, Hach Company is selling the soil and irrigation kit in which they include reagents and apparatus to test soil and irrigation water both.
  • Manufacturer are introducing new testing devices which could be added in irrigation testing kit. For example, Prerana Laboratories launched online hardness and chlorine analyzer.

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Irrigation testing kit Market: Regional Overview

Based on regions, North America has significantly adopted the irrigation techniques compare to the other areas. Moreover, many farmers of the North America region are using irrigation techniques to maximize the productivity of crops, which witnessed the prominent market growth of irrigation testing kit market in North America. On the other hand, stringent rules and regulation associated with the food quality testing in this regions is accelerating the growth of irrigation testing kit market.  Europe has a moderate market of Irrigation testing kit due to less irrigation area compare to other regions. Moreover, the Asia Pacific excluding Japan has forecasted as high opportunity region for Irrigation testing kit market due to availability of adequate irrigation area. In addition to, APEJ countries such as India and China have high amount of agriculture workers and irrigation area which is estimating as good development of irrigation techniques application in upcoming years which can create good opportunities for manufacturer of irrigation testing kit. On the same side, MEA region is also forecasted for good opportunity for irrigation testing kit market due to productivity per agriculture worker has increased over last 30 years.


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