Next-generation Nebulizers Market Opportunity Analysis, Vendor Landscape, Growth, Developments & Forecast 2028

Nebulizer is a medical device which is used in treatment of various lung conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory related diseases. It is technically a breathing machine which converts the liquid formulation into fine mist and delivers to the inner part of lungs. The drug molecules are delivered effortlessly by inhaling through the masks or mouth piece. The nebulizer’s helps to deliver different types of drugs such as bronchodilators, corticosteroids, anticholinergic and others. The side effects of some drugs such as corticosteroids can be avoided by delivering it through nebulizers to specific site of the lungs. Infants, small children and old people cannot use the traditional inhaler so the best possible option is to use nebulizer. The MDI’s use CFC’s and are therefore not environment friendly as well as healthy when compared to the nebulizers. The nebulizers can be table top or portable.

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According to WHO, about 300 million are suffering from the asthma mostly the young children, more than 2, 50, 000 people die each year from Asthma. Annually more than 3 million people die of COPD. According to National Institute of Health lung diseases are the third major cause of death in USA (6-7% of total deaths). The growing number of the respiratory infections, disorders and diseases can be an opportunity for fuelling the growth of nebulizers. Nebulizers can deliver large doses of drugs which is not possible with the help of the regular inhaler.

The rise in the respiratory conditions due to the pollution, habits and congenital reasons. Also the awareness among the patients about the treatment. The above two reasons play a major role in driving the market for nebulizer. The only drawback of Nebulizers is that they require large amount of doses as compared to the MDI’s to produce same effect. Some studies have shown that using a spacer could solve the problem. The portable nebulizers are costlier as compared to the table top models. Also in some cases the MDI’s outperform the nebulizers like in case of Asthma. The time require for the treatment of lung infection usually requires about 10-20 minutes which in case of inhaler is instant. But the companies are coming with high end nebulizers which are nimble and easy to use.

The global artificial implant market has been classified on the basis of product type, modality type, end user and geography,Based on product type:,Pneumatic Nebulizer,Ultrasonic Nebulizer,Mesh Nebulizer,Based on modality, the nebulizer market divided into following:,Table mount,Portable,Based on end user, the nebulizers market divided into following:,Hospitals,Clinics,Home,Based on region, the nebulizers market is divided into the following:,North America,Europe,Asia Pacific,Middle east and Africa,South America

The Nebulizers market is segmented based on the product type, functionality, modality and end user. Based on product type, the nebulizers market is segmented into pneumatic nebulizer, ultrasonic and mesh nebulizer. The pneumatic nebulizers will dominate the market as they are economical as compared to the ultrasonic and the mesh nebulizers. The other two nebulizers do not generate any noise and are very handy but the average cost of treatment is very high. Based on modality it is divided into the table tops and portable. Patients tend to prefer the portable.

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Region wise, the global Nebulizers market is classified into regions namely, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa. North America is estimated to account for major share followed by Europe and Australia. Increasing number of the respiratory infections and diseases due to growing pollution, personal habits and others are reasons for the market growth in these countries. Increase in awareness among the people by the government and other health organizations will contribute to the growth of Nebulizers market in Middle Eastern and Asian region.

Some of the key players in nebulizers market are Omron healthcare Co Ltd. Philips Respironics, Medtronic PLC, Aerogen, PARI GmbH, Yuwell and Folee.


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