Industrial Fryers Market Growth to Continue in 2028 With Top Players as L.Lennard Pty Ltd. HANROW Ltd. GEA EasyFry

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Industrial Fryers Market: Overview

Industrial fryers are kitchen appliances commonly used in the food industry to fry consumables such as pre-cooked snacks, potato products and breaded meats. In industrial fryers, a grid type bunch with hollow pipe are used to properly supply of heat from source to pan to efficiently fry the products. The oil, stored in a pan or container, is heated up to 600 degree centigrade to fry the food products. Industrial fryers, after a certain duration of operation, are cleaned with the help of cleaning agents, carbon di oxide, water and mist.

Chips & crisps are popular snacks and thus, crisp & chip makers are expected to account a noteworthy share in the global industrial fryers market. Therefore, it can be inferred that the industrial fryers market is correlated to the chips & crisps market. The changing consumer preference towards flavored fried products, coupled with the rising awareness pertaining to fatless fried crisps, is expected to upsurge the sales of industrial fryers in the coming years. Among the two types of industrial fryers, i.e. electrical and gas, electrical industrial fryers are relatively more efficient, reliable and compact as compared to gas industrial fryers.

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Industrial Fryers Market: Dynamics

Rising consumption of oil fried or dry fried fast foods such as potato chips and meat, coupled with the rising awareness pertaining to fatless fried fast food, is expected to drive the industrial fryers market on a global level. Furthermore, the increasing number of government regulations aimed towards improving the quality of oil fried products is also estimated to drive the growth of the global industrial fryers market. For instance, the

In many developing countries, farmlands are rapidly being acquired for industrial or business purposes, which in turn is indirectly suppressing the overall output of the agriculture sector, subsequently hindering the growth of the industrial fryers market.

Players engaged in the manufacturing of chips and crisps are expanding their manufacturing capacities in developing as well as develop countries in order to cater to the growing demand and bridge the gap between the supply and consumption of oil fried products. For instance, McCain Foods has expanded its potato processing plant in Idaho, U.S., to ramp up its business and make a surplus quantity of oil fried or dry fried products.

Industrial Fryers Market: Segmentation

By product type, the global industrial fryers market has been segmented as:

  • Electric Industrial Fryers
  • Gas Industrial Fryers

By capacity, the global industrial fryers market has been segmented as:

  • Low Capacity (< 100 Kg)
  • Medium Capacity(100 Kg to 500 Kg)
  • High Capacity (500 Kg to 1000 Kg)

Industrial Fryers Market: Regional Outlook

North America and Europe are projected to hold significant value shares in the global industrial fryers market, due to the rising consumption of chips in these regions. In North America, the U.S. accounts for ~86% of the consumption of potato chips and thus, the country registers prominent demand for industrial fryers. After North America, Europe is projected to account for a significant share in the global industrial fryers market. In the region, France is estimated to account for a substantial share, which can be attributed to the fact that the country accounts for 85.5% of Europe’s overall potato chip consumption.

China and Latin America are projected to grow at significant rates in the global industrial fryers market, owing to growing population and increasing consumer spending on oil fried chips and crisps and meat products in the region.

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Industrial Fryers Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the industrial fryers market include: L.Lennard Pty Ltd., HANROW Ltd., GEA EasyFry, Techmate Industries, FER Inc., Nothum Food Processing Systems, Star Manufacturing

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