Carnitine Supplements Market : Key Growth Factors and Industry Analysis 2018 – 2028

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Carnitine Supplements Market: Overview Carnitine is an amino acid derivative and is generally used as a supplement. The main role of carnitine is to transport the fatty acids into the mitochondria and the fatty acid is further metabolized to produce energy. Carnitine supplements are used to increase the energy of the body and are also used as weight loss supplements. Research has shown that carnitine can restore the cellular function, helps to fight obesity and diabetes and provides various other health benefits and therefore is used as a supplement. Carnitine supplements are present in the form of powder, liquid, capsules, etc. and are offered in many flavors such as berry, watermelon, etc.

Carnitine Supplements Market: Dynamics The worldwide prevalence of obesity and overweight population is increasing at an alarming rate. The increase in sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, etc. are the major factors that cause several diseases and disorders. But in recent years, there has been an increase in health awareness among the consumers and therefore the health and fitness trends are increasing all across the globe. Consumers prefer the use of dietary supplements that provide various health benefits and are easy to consume. Carnitine supplements is a suitable choice as a dietary supplement as it helps to maintain blood sugar level, fights obesity, restores cellular function, etc. The companies are trying to develop dietary supplements according to the consumer requirements and therefore have developed carnitine supplements in various forms and flavors. The combination of flavor and high nutritive value might attract the health-conscious consumers and therefore the carnitine supplement market might increase.

The lack of awareness about the benefits of carnitine supplements and the presence of various other supplements might serve as a restraint for the carnitine supplement market. Carnitine is produced in the body and can be obtained from various sources such as animal meat, fish, milk, poultry, etc. and therefore healthy consumers do not require carnitine supplements. Carnitine deficiency occurs only when there is some genetic disorder or due to some diseased condition and therefore the use of carnitine supplement might be restricted and thus might have a negative impact on the carnitine supplement market.

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Carnitine Supplements Market: Segmentation Carnitine Supplements Market segmentation on the basis of form:Powder, Liquid, Capsules, Others (e.g. Soft chews, etc.), Carnitine Supplements Market segmentation on the basis of end-use:Sports nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Others (e.g. Animal Nutrition and Health, etc.), Carnitine Supplements Market segmentation on the basis of flavor:Blue-raspberry, Pineapple, Tropical Mango, Cherry Popsicle, Berry, Others (e.g. Watermelon, etc.), Carnitine Supplements Market segmentation on the basis of distribution channel:Pharmacies and Drug Stores, Health & Beauty Stores, Hypermarkets/Supermarkets, Online retailing, Direct Selling

Carnitine Supplements Market: Prominent Players Some of the major key players of are Sports Supplements Ltd, NOW Foods, 1 Up Nutrition, GNC Holdings, Inc., Glanbia Plc, ALLMAX Nutrition, Inc., Scorpion Supplements, Eat Me Supplements, Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) etc., among the others.

Carnitine Supplements Market: Regional Overview More than 70% of American adults consume dietary supplements and the demand for dietary supplement is expected to increase further. The demand for dietary supplements is expected to grow at an increasing rate in Asia and Europe. The dietary supplement market is well established in North America and therefore the manufacturers of dietary supplements might try to focus on the Asia Pacific region as there is a huge scope for growth. Educational marketing might enable an increase in the sales of carnitine supplements.

Carnitine Supplements Market: Competitive Analysis As the demand for dietary supplements is increasing, the companies are focusing on developing innovative dietary supplements by providing new flavors and forms which provides the consumers with a range of flavor options. The awareness about the side-effects caused by the animal-derived products has led to a shift in the preference and thus the consumers prefer the use of plant-based supplements. Therefore, the herbal supplement market is expected to grow at an increasing rate. The high competition in the dietary supplement industry might restrain the carnitine supplement market growth.

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