Breastfeeding Accessories Market Comprehensive Review, Business Overview, Challenges, Opportunities, Trends Forecast to 2026

Future Market Insights

Breastfeeding accessories market is targeting lactating mothers so that they can express their milk and store it for a later use. A majority of the breastfeeding accessories aid in the process of direct expression of pumped milk into a container and to be later fed to the infant. The breastfeeding accessories market is also targeting mothers who have less or irregular milk flow, and help them in expressing milk. The major factors contributing to a lucrative breastfeeding accessories market worldwide are the rising global population and a rise in the number of working mothers. Also, a rise in the disposable income and a variety of options available in the area of breastfeeding accessories is contributing to the growth in this market.

Breastfeeding Accessories Market: Drivers

The main drivers contributing to the growth of breastfeeding accessories market is an increasing world population, rise in the population of working mothers, an increasingly fast paced lifestyle, favourable healthcare policies and technological advancements. The breastfeeding accessories market is mainly classified into breast milk storage and feeding supplies, breastfeeding pumps and breastfeeding accessories. Out of these, breast milk storage and feeding supplies is the largest segment and occupied more than half of the total market sales. Also, advances in technology and innovative products are also helping the use of breast milk storage and feeding supplies.

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As per the product type, there are two types of breastfeeding pumps available in the market, namely open or closed systems. In open pumps, there is no barrier between the milk pump and the container where the milk is stored. However, in closed pumps, there is a barrier present in the device. This barrier in the closed breast pumps helps in maintaining the quality of the milk and prevents the exposure of breast milk to outside air, thereby preventing contamination. Also, it becomes difficult to clean the milk particles stuck in the tube of the open type of breast milk pumps, which becomes difficult to clean. This is not the case in closed type of breast milk pumps and so they have become more popular in the market.

Breastfeeding Accessories Market: Restraints

The amount of investment required to introduce new devices to the breastfeeding accessories market is high and new products have to go through a lengthy FDA approval process. This may hamper new players in the market. In addition, there is a growing debate on the unnecessary use of breastfeeding accessories and this may also possibly act as a restraining factor. 

Breastfeeding Accessories Market: Key Regions

The main regions in the breastfeeding accessories market include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world. Presently, North America is dominating the breastfeeding accessories market with more than half of the market share and is followed by Europe. The opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market are most promising due to a rising population, increase in the number of working mothers and favourable government healthcare policies.

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Breastfeeding Accessories Market: Key Market Players

The prominent players in the breastfeeding accessories market are Philips, NUK, Medela, Ameda, Handi-Craft, Pigeon and Tommee Tippee. Other important players are Chicco, Comotomo, Babisil, Summer Infant, Nuby, Nip, Evenflo and Playtex.

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