MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2027

Today, MEMS is the key enabling technology of developments in sectors such as transportation, telecommunication, and healthcare. The most significant advantage of MEMS is their ability to communicate easily with semiconductor chips, and due to this, the adoption of MEMS is increasing continuously in nearly every industrial sector. The increasing number of consumer electronic devices is one of the major factors which is fueling the growth of MEMS market. The growth of MEMS market is also accelerating as various mobile and tablet manufacturers are using MEMS to develop multiple features in cell phones and tablets such as auto-focus, micro speakers, touchscreen, and accelerometers.   MEMS are devices that combine electronics with mechanical elements, mechanical devices such as sensors, valves, and actuators imbedded in semiconductor chips. Various advantages of MEMS devices such as small size & mass, low power consumption, and low cost are compelling various consumer electronics and telecommunication industries to adopt MEMS technology. The increasing adoption of MEMS technology in automotive domain for airbag system, and vehicle security systems is one of the major factors which is fueling the growth of MEMS market.

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems): Drivers and Challenges – Drivers : The increasing functionalities for mobile phones & wearable electronics are the primary factor which is fueling the growth of MEMS market. Also, the growing population of vehicle owners is seeking enhanced vehicle features for better safety, comfort, and stability within cars. This being the prime driving force for boosting the market growth globally, vehicle manufacturers, on the other hand, are continually upgrading vehicle models with state-of-the-art features through MEMS technology. Apart from this, the demand for sensors such as microphones, motion sensors, and light sensors for IoT devices is increasing rapidly, which is creating the potential growth opportunities for MEMS market.

Challenges – The need to cope up with the changing technological environment and to fulfill the growing demand for more intelligence and new applications are the major challenges for the MEMS manufacturers. Also, the challenges related to size and cost of MEMS is one of the factors which may limit the growth of MEMS market.

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) market: Segmentation – Segmentation of MEMS on the basis of type: Pressure sensors, Inertial sensor, Microphone, Optical actuator, others; Segmentation of MEMS on the basis of Vertical: Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer electronics, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Others

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems): Competition Landscape – Key players – The Prominent players in MEMS market are ST Microelectronics, Robert Bosch GmBH, NXP Semiconductors, Texas Instruments, Panasonic Corporation, Omron Corporation, Sensata Technologies, Honeywell International Inc., Denso Corporation, Analog Devices Inc., and Infineon Technologies.

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