Commodity Liners Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During 2018-2028

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Global Commodity Liners Market: Overview : Commodity liners are used for the transportation of agricultural products, chemicals, oil, and gas in bulk, and also for other soft, hard, and energy commodities. For commodity liners, manufacturers prefer FDA approved virgin grade polymer film. Woven materials are also used for the packaging of different types of commodities. Anti-static films are also available for commodity liners to maintain the electric discharge in the package. The commodity liners market is estimated to experience significant growth during the forecast period, as the protection of energy resources and food is an important factor in today’s world. Commodity liners made up of polyethylene and polypropylene are designed to allow the conversion of an ISO shipping container into a heavy or bulk transport system. The length of the material that is used in commodity liners must be adequate enough to allow extra material to be folded up around the goods in the specific container. The type of material to be used depends upon the product that is being transported, besides its various characteristics. Manufacturers in the commodity liners market are also providing custom liner solutions for consumer convenience. Commodity liners are used as a protective layer in containers, which prevents products from moisture and provides it with barrier properties.

Global Commodity Liners Market: Dynamics : The use of commodity liners for the storage and transportation of dry flowable products such as sand, fertilizers, and plastic granules is a key driver for the global market. Commodity liners are able to withstand temperatures ranging from -20? F to 180? F, which makes them suitable for different types of applications. The protection of goods from external elements is boosting the use of high barrier materials in liners, which can be provided by using multiple layers in the commodity liners. The commodity liners market is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming years, due to the change in the usage quantity of materials due to shifting preference towards recyclable packaging. Commodity liners are also used for the purpose of transporting products that essentially do not require small packaging units, and can be covered with liners.

Global Commodity Liners Market: Segmentation : On the basis of material type, the global commodity liners market has been segmented as: Polyethylene (HDPE, LLDPE & LDPE), Polypropylene, Polyamide, EVOH, & PLA; On the basis of end use, the global commodity liners market has been segmented as: Agriculture, Chemicals & Lubricants, Food & Beverages, Building & Construction, Pharmaceuticals, & Personal Care & Cosmetics

Global Commodity Liners Market: Key Players : Cesur Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Powertex, Inc., AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Nier Systems Inc., Parker Hannifin Corporation, Solmax International, Inc., CDF Corporation, & Greif, Inc.

Global Commodity Liners Market: Regional Outlook : In the U.S., the Food & Drug Administration’s regulations are expected to negatively affect the commodity liners market. Packaged products should have packaging according to the commodity code. The commodity liners market is expected to have high competition in the Middle East & Africa, as manufacturers are looking for the expansion of their businesses in South Africa, owing to comparatively more opportunities in the country. The global commodity liners market is estimated to experience noticeable expansion in the near future, as the need for safe & secure packaging is increasing considerably. The regulations for plastic usage for food and agricultural products in emerging countries may also negatively affect the commodity liners market. 

Global Commodity Liners Market: Key Developments : Manufacturers in the commodity liners market are providing a wide range of options in polymer materials as well as bio-based materials so as to maintain their foothold in the market. Some of the key trends observed in the global commodity liners market are enhancement in the conductivity properties as well as the barrier properties of the materials of the film by leading players. Powertex Inc. is providing agricultural commodity liners that are designed to accommodate different types of loading systems such as conveyor belts, bulk throwers, belts, and other systems by using sewn woven polypropylene.

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